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What are Training Stairs? 

Training stairs are physical therapy tools designed to train patients with progressive stepping after an injury or a surgical procedure. These physical therapy stairs are ergonomically designed, providing a comfortable grip, and safe anti-slip platforms that prevent falls during rehabilitation.  

Rehab Store offers sturdy and durable physical therapy stairs that will help you learn to negotiate stairs safely during recovery. These training stairs are typically utilized in physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities. However, individuals can use them at home for rehabbing leg, knee, ankle, foot, and neurological health problems. We also carry aerobic steppers that provide a secure surface to practice workout and rehabilitation routines. 

How do Portable Stairs help? 

  • Walking up and down stairs is one of the biggest challenges during mobility rehabilitation. The ability to navigate stairs is often compromised after an illness, injury, or surgery.  
  • The training stairs are a great tool that can help patients recover progressive stepping and regain the range of motion required to negotiate the stairs. 
  • The physical therapy stairs offer a safe platform to learn to navigate steps, staircases, and slopes and achieve the mobility one needs to return to normal life. 
  • Athletes and runners also use portable stairs to improve flexibility and lower body strength and strengthen the heart, lungs, and muscles. 
  • When therapy stairs are incorporated into your workout, it helps increase your stamina. It strengthens the entire lower body, which helps reduce the risk of low extremity injuries during sports activities. 
  • Furthermore, agility, coordination, and cardiovascular health are greatly improved with regular use of portable stairs. 

Note: While practicing stair climbing, one safety tip is to be followed. While ascending the stairs, the good leg is to be advanced first, followed by the injured leg. While descending the stairs, the injured leg should be advanced first, followed by the unaffected leg. 

Benefits of Aerobic Stepper 

An aerobic stepper is a useful tool that does not take much space and is simple to assemble. You place it on the ground, and you are good to go. You can reap cardio conditioning without putting your joints at risk. Exercising on the exercise stepper provides a host of benefits, including: 

Physical Therapy Stairs Buying Guide  

1. Training stairs configuration  

Therapy stairs come in various sizes, shapes, and configurations, such as closed-end stairs, adjustable stairs, space saver stairs, stairs that allow to climb up one side and down the other side without turning, and bariatric models that can accommodate up to 750-pound patient capacity, etc. Additionally, there are convertible stairs that consist of two sections that securely lock together and can be easily converted from a straight-line design to a right angle. 

2. Home setting vs. professional facility 

If you are buying physical therapy stairs for home use, consider how much space is available to accommodate them, the budget, and the type of training staircase you need for your condition. For professional physical therapy and rehabilitation facilities, consider the unique needs of the patients and what type of therapy stairs are the most beneficial for them. 

3. Durability  

Durability should be a high priority before you invest in therapy stairs so that they can deliver a long service life. 

Where to buy Training Stairs online? 

Rehab Store carries a wide variety of rehab equipment, such as portable staircase, therapy steps, exercise steppers, ramp and curb training sets, etc., to help patients exercise their legs. These exercise stairs come in various sizes, including the bariatric models allowing you to find the right set for the patient. These innovative physical therapy aids are from renowned manufacturers like Hausmann Industries, Bailey Manufacturing, Escalade Sports, and many more. Place your order today! 

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