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What is a Nosey Cup?

A nosey cup is a drinking aid with a U-shaped cut-out on the non-drinking side to promote ease of drinking. The cup's unique design accommodates the nose and allows the user to empty the cup without excessive neck movement. This assistive drinking aid is ideal for people with neck pain, limited range of motion of the upper extremities, and swallowing difficulties.

Who would use a Nosey Cup?

Nosey drinking cups allow the user to drink without tipping their head back or bending their neck. Nosey cups would be useful for people with the following conditions:

How do Nose Cups for Drinking help?

  • People with neck pain and limited mobility in the upper extremities find it difficult to drink liquids in a standard cup, especially the last small amount of their drink. The scooped-out portion of the nosey cup provides space for the nose and allows the user to tilt the cup for drinking without tipping the head or bending the neck.
  • People with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) are at risk of aspiration, meaning the food or drink may go into the airways and end up in their lungs. If the food stays in the lungs, it may result in a lung infection called aspiration pneumonia. This adaptive drinking cup allows people to follow the safety rule of keeping their chin in a level position while drinking liquids. Thus reducing the chance of liquid entering the respiratory tubes and causing choking.
  • The cutout cup is also useful for kids who are learning to drink liquids in a cup. The nosey cup helps in the safer swallowing of the liquids and transitions from the bottle to the cup.
  • Some nosey cups, like Flexi Cups, are made with flexible plastic. When they are gently squeezed, the shape of the cup lip changes to direct liquid flow.

Features of Nose Cutout Cup

  • Facilitates consumption of liquids for all ages
  • Dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and BP-free
  • Can take this product with you on the go while traveling
  • Used in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes for those with special drinking needs
  • Made of transparent polypropylene that allows the user and caregiver to monitor liquid intake
  • Made from softer plastic that is easier to grasp and hold onto for people suffering from any type of hand debility
  • The cutout nose design allows the user to safely and easily swallow liquid while keeping the proper head and neck position
  • The drinking aid is simple to use; tilt the cup, and this motion eliminates the need for the user to tilt their head and neck backward for safer swallowing

Where to buy a Nosey Cup online?

The nose cutout cup eliminates the need to tilt your head and neck backward for safer swallowing. Rehab Store is committed to providing health and wellness products for all. We supply nosey cups from well-known manufacturers like Essential Medical, Medline Industries, North Coast Medical, etc. Shop today and help your loved ones drink comfortably without stress.

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