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What is hydrotherapy used for? 

Hydrotherapy or water therapy has been around for quite a long time. It uses water to treat a variety of health issues throughout the body. Hydrotherapy can be done at home with a bath tub full of warm water or under supervision of trained professionals in specialized pools. Aquatic therapy provides evident reduction in painful conditions like muscle pain and joint stiffness. 

Who needs water therapy?  

Hydrotherapy is suitable for anyone who requires 

  1. Muscle relaxation 
  2. Relief from painful joints 
  3. Non-invasive and safe exercise 
  4. Increase joint range of motion (water relieves pressure from joints)  
  5. Improve muscle strength 

Hydrotherapy: Things to keep in mind 

  • Your physiotherapist may plan around 5-6 sessions of 30 minutes to 1 hour.  
  • You will be guided through a series of exercises and the sessions may or may not be conducted with a group of individuals generally with the same health condition as yours.  
  • You may be required to carry your own swim suit, towels and medications if required. Confirm with your therapist beforehand if you need to carry anything else. 
  • You might have to climb down a few steps to get inside the pool. If you are not a swimmer, need not worry these pools are generally shallow. Some pools are equipped with pool lifts for patients who have trouble getting in and out of the pool.  

Where to buy water therapy products online?  

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