Hoyer Classics Hydraulic Pool Lift

Hoyer Classics Hydraulic Pool Lift

Brand/Manufacturer: JOERNS HEALTHCARE
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  • Latex Free

This item has been permanently discontinued by the manufacturer.

Hoyer Classics Hydraulic Pool Lift provides great support for easier recreation and therapeutic swimming. It is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and comes with sling and chain. Pool Lift can be used anytime for placing any client into water. Stainless steel painted finish resists corrosion in humid environments. It is a moving and handling equipment, which is used with a mechanical lift in order to facilitate the transfer of a resident.

Note: Mount base shown in the picture is not included.

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  • Hoyer Classics Hydraulic Pool Lift is designed to make the swimming experience more enjoyable
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Resistant to humidity and corrosion in the swimming pool environment
  • Hydraulic power can be used anytime
  • Full 62" lifting range
  • 360 degrees swivel helps gently place any client into water
  • Versatile pool lift can be installed in one of two ways:
    - It can be attached using the anchor plate by drilling several small holes, or by drilling one large hole and cementing a metal sleeve into place
    - Second method allows the user to easily install and remove the pool lift at his/her convenience
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Product Weight: 60 lbs
  • Also available (separately):
    - Hoyer Classics Two-Point Sling (Code 112-D)

More Information

  • Installation of Cement-in Sleeve:
    - Position the sleeve location. Proper position for the mast is 8 to 10 inches from the edge of the pool or tub. The cement-in sleeve itself is a cylinder 3-1/4 inches in diameter and 8 inches long. Mark a 6 inch circle if existing concrete is to be removed. In a new installation, position the sleeve on center and flush with grade.
    - When the cement-in sleeve is to be installed in an existing concrete floor or deck, a hole at least 6 inches in diameter must be cut. The opening must be at least 8 inches deep. Fill the bottom of the hole with non-shrinking cement, such as Por-Rok. Make sure the sleeve is perfectly vertical. Fill in around the sleeve with more non-shrinking cement. Allow the cement to set-up and finish the top surface.
    - Sleeve is completely embedded in cement and that a good bond is secured between the new and old concrete. When installing the sleeve in a new job, position the sleeve and line it up when the forms are being installed. Pour the concrete around the sleeve as the deck or floor is poured. No special type of concrete is required.
    Note: A wad of newspaper stuffed into the top of the sleeve will keep the interior free of concrete while the floor is being poured.
  • Installation of Lifter:
    - When the sleeve has been installed as described above and the concrete has had several days to cure, the lifter may be installed. The nylon bearing socket supplied with the lifter must be installed in the sleeve. Grease the outside of the socket lightly before it is inserted into the sleeve. This will prevent corrosion which may cause the socket to stick in the sleeve. Vaseline is an excellent lubricant if no commercial grease is on hand.
    Note: The socket should be removed occasionally to prevent corrosion.
    - With the socket in place, unpack the lifter and insert the base of the mast into the socket and sleeve. To attach the end of the boom in the yoke hinge at the top of the mast, remove the wing nut and bolt from the yoke hinge and insert the boom end. Reinsert the bolt and secure with the wing nut. Attach the swivel bar to the boom end and to keep the chains apart. The lifter is now ready for use. 
  • Operating Instructions:
    To use the Hoyer Swimming Pool Lifter, remove the cover from the floor sleeve and insert the nylon bearing socket. Insert the mast of the lifter into the socket. Attach the long chains to the swivel bar. To use the Hoyer Sling, place the sling under the person being lifted so that the end of the seat comes to the person knees. Attach the ends of the chains to the swivel bar and the S-hooks to the sling. When the person is lifted so that he/she just clears the chair, the lifter boom should be almost at maximum height. The person being lifted can then be lowered the full 62". Follow lifting instructions in "How to Use a Patient Lifter" manual.
  • Maintenance:
    - Put a drop of oil on the joints at the top of the mast, top and bottom of the pump, and the swivel bar hook every other month.
    - While oiling the lifter, check all the cap nuts and bolts to be sure they are tight.
    - Put a drop of oil on the pump handle hinge when the Hoyer lifter is put into service and oil again every other month. This is very important, as the holes in the hinge socket will wear when dry.
    Note: In high humidity or salt areas, wax exposed lifter parts periodically to help prevent corrosion.
    Note: Keep Lifter dry and clean.




Length of Mast 57.5" (146cm)

Height of Mast Overall

Cement-in Sleeve 51" (129.5cm)
Surface Mounted Base 59.25" (150.5cm)
Length of Boom 45" (114.3cm)

Height of Boom Minimum

Cement-in Sleeve 24.25" (61.6cm)
Surface Mounted Base 32.25" (81.9cm)

Height of Boom Maximum

Cement-in Sleeve 86.25" (219cm)
Surface Mounted Base 94.25" (239.4cm)
Lifting Range 62" (157.5cm)
Weight 59lb (26.8kg)
Packaged Weight 68lb (30.9kg)

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