Hockey injuries are caused by the physical nature of the game. Ice-hockey is a popular winter sport played on an ice rink. Both Hockey and Ice-hockey are hard-hitting and high-impact sports. The combination of high-speed and the use of rigid boards, skate blades, hockey sticks, goal posts, high-speed pucks can anytime put the hockey players at risk for injury. Rehab Store offers rehabilitation and physical therapy products from top brands and manufacturers like - Advanced Orthopaedics, Otto Bock, ALPS, Donjoy, KneedIT, etc. to treat the injuries associated with hockey. Our products and therapy help to reduce the pain and immobilize the injured area to speed recovery. These orthopedic supports and cooling therapy help to restore the full range of motion in the injured area.


What are the most common injuries associated with Hockey?

  • Back and Neck Injuries
  • AC Joint and Shoulders
  • Fractures and Shoulder Dislocation
  • Head Injury (Conscious and unconscious)
  • Broken Collarbone
  • Blisters, Bruises & Lacerations
  • Dental Injury
  • Skate-bite
  • MCL Strains/Tears
  • Ankle Pain, Muscle Sprain and Strain


What are the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Therapy solutions to treat Hockey injuries?


Rehab Store has a wide selection of therapy devices and products from renowned manufacturers such as Advanced Orthopaedics, Otto Bock, BSN Medicals, etc. Some of these products and therapy to facilitate your “Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation” (R.I.C.E) treatment, are categorized as follow:

  • Hot and Cold Therapy Cold and hot wraps, cooling vests, and cold gels & spray are used to reduce the pain and stimulate the blood flow thereby speeding up the recovery process of your injured and affected areas.
  • Electrotherapy Our products include electrodes, ultrasound therapy devices, TENS and EMS units and combination units, conductive garments, electrotherapy skincare range, and more, to assist in pain reduction and natural healing.
  • Arms and Shoulder Supports Arm Slings, Shoulder Immobilizer, Clavicle Support, and Braces can help normalize your range of motion by providing immobility to your injured area so that it can recover fast.
  • Supports and Braces (Elbow and Knee) Elbow/Knee supports and braces are available in a wide range to fit your size and preference as per the injury type. These armbands, elbow sleeves, and knee immobilizers act as the compression support system to reduce the pain caused by stress injuries.
  • Ankle and Foot Supports Ankle splints, braces, and foot care products offered by Rehab Store help alleviate stiffness and soreness. These ankle braces, post-op shoes, walking boots, foot drop braces, and splints are available to fit all sizes from the top brands like Aircast, Rolyan, ProCare, and many more.


Preventive measures for hockey injuries:


  • Balanced strength and conditioning training program to avoid overuse injuries
  • Stretching activities, calisthenics, and weight training exercises
  • Routine health checkups
  • Proper diet plans and hydration
  • Regular monitoring of the body functioning and temperature
  • Avoid playing before complete recovery from the previous injury


Where can I buy Physical Therapy Products online to treat hockey injuries?


Rehab Store cares about your physical fitness, health, and playing performance; and hence is always ready to assist you with amazing rehabilitation therapy products. Our healthcare products support you in the speedy recovery and re-establish your range of motion. To get attractive discounts and reward-dollars shop now at Rehab Store online.