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Ankle pain is a broad category that includes all the forms of pain and discomfort associated with the ankle and the region around the ankle. A sharp pain or discomfort in the ankle is commonly referred to as ankle pain. The ankle is a joint that is made up of multiple tendons, ligaments, and muscles that work in coordination to achieve maximum movement. Ankle pain occurs when the ligaments get torn or overstretched. Sprains can be due to twist in the ankle which rips the ligament. There are other medical reasons such as arthritis, neurological conditions, muscle pain, over-exhaustion, and much more. Ankle pain can be very discomforting as it can hinder basic activities by making it difficult for an individual to stand, walk, or run.

What are the Causes of Ankle Pain?

One of the most common causes of ankle pain is ankle sprain. Ankle sprains are generally caused when the ankle is twisted, stretched, or overworked. The muscles in the ankles often swell and might also be affected by spasms. Severe sprains can also result in torn ligaments and tendons. Other causes of ankle pain include:

  • arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis
  • gout
  • nerve damage or injury, such as sciatica
  • blocked blood vessels
  • infection in the joint

Home Care for Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is a very common painful condition and can generally be treated using homecare remedies. They include:

  • Ice – Ice is one of the most common techniques to relieve pain. Cold therapy using ice can be applied directly to the paining ankle to help relieve pain and inflammation. Excessive ice, though, might damage the skin and the muscles even more and so ice should be used only for small degrees of pain and should not be applied if the skin or muscle is ruptured.
  • Rest – Rest can work wonders in relieving ankle pain. Taking rest allows the body to fight the pain by letting the muscles and ligaments heal themselves. But rest takes time and doesn’t work for sharp stinging pain.
  • Compression – Compression can improve blood circulation to the ankle and thus help in relieving pain. But using standard compression bandages that aren’t specially designed for pain relief can result in turning the ankle numb and blue.

Treatment of Ankle Pain

Depending on the severity of the ankle pain, treatment options may vary from individual to individual. Here are a few treatment options that can be used to manage, treat, and prevent ankle pain.

  • Pain Relief Aids – One of the first things you might want to use are pain relief aids. Pain relief aids are designed to help alleviate pain and relieve discomfort in minutes. Best pain relief aids include cold therapy aids, pain relief lotions & ointments, pain reliever caplets, heat therapy aids, electrotherapy, and much more.
  • Ankle Braces and Ankle Supports – Ankle braces and supports are designed to provide immobilization which is paramount in providing rest to the paining ankle. The come in different sizes and shapes and provide different levels of immobilization depending on the severity of your pain and the underlying condition.
  • Orthopedic Shoe Inserts and Soles – Orthopedic shoe inserts and orthopedic soles are designed for the last stage of ankle pain treatment. The best orthopedic shoe inserts are designed to also help prevent strains and sprains on the ankle thus preventing any future pain in the ankle.

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