Golf injuries are associated with the explosive nature of swing in the sport golf. No doubt that this game is all about mental fortitude, tremendous efforts and time, analytical skills, and perseverance, but this swing can put a massive amount of stress on the body. It is evident from most of the professional golfers who have experienced some sort of nagging injury at some point in their careers. Even casual golfers can suffer injuries. Rehab Store offers you the solution to your Golf Injuries from some of its best brands and manufacturers such as - Advanced Orthopaedics, DJO Incorporated, North Coast Medical, Otto Bock, ALPS, Donjoy, Actimove and many more.


The most common types of golf injuries are:

Overuse, poor swing mechanics, incorrect grip, inappropriate set up, and traumatic force to the body can cause injuries in different parts of the body. Rehab Store provides healthcare product and therapy for the following injuries:

  • Back Pain Back pain is caused by the rotational stresses of the swing that places enormous pressure on the spine
  • Knee Pain Knee pain occurs from the stress placed on a weak knee, which results in torn ligaments. The golfers with arthritis suffer more from this problem.
  • Tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon) Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, and swelling in tendons responsible for wrist movement, are all caused by repetitive movements such as hitting golf balls. These types of injuries are aggravated by an improper swing motion.
  • Neck Injuries Long hours of swinging and hitting balls can cause the neck muscles to shorten in spasm and freeze into a painful position
  • Foot and Ankle Injuries Each foot moves differently during a golf swing. Injuries can occur when a golfer loses balance during the swing and when hitting a ball off an uneven surface.
  • Rotator Cuff Traumatic force resulting from poor golf swing mechanics, hitting a rock, and overuse, can cause pain in the shoulder or upper arm.
  • Hand and Finger Injuries Holding the golf club with repetitive movements and swings leads to tendinitis or broken finger and might develop HHS (Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome).
  • Hip Injuries Groin strains and low back injuries are caused by twisting movements during the golf swing. Under some critical conditions, one has to undergo hip-replacement surgery as well.

Golf Injuries Aid and Rehabilitation Therapy Products offered by Rehab Store

Golfers spend three to four hours constantly bending over the stance, repeating the same motion which can cause muscle strains, back pain, knee pain, neck injuries, and can develop tendinitis due to repetitive motions. Sometimes, it leads to severe injuries. Rehab Store recommends you consult with your medical professional before going for any therapy and treatment.
We focus on providing healing, alleviating inflammation, and promoting muscle strength through rehabilitation products and therapy. Our orthopedic supports and braces, thumbs and finger splints, & hot and cold therapy solutions facilitate the Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation treatment.
You can find a wide variety of balance boards and posture-correctors also, to help improve the balance of your which is needed to play this sport. Our exercise and fitness tools and sports nutrition supplements help a golfer to maintain good health and stamina to play for longer hours.

Golf injuries | Preventive measures by Rehab Store

  • Active participation in the golf-specific training and conditioning programs
  • Avoiding overuse or over-practice
  • Improving on the swinging mechanics
  • Learning proper grip and techniques to play
  • Properly fitted golf shoes to avoid ankle/foot injuries
  • Taking frequent breaks in the beginning and gradually improve working on longer periods
  • Muscle strengthening and warming up 
  • Proper stretching and work-out to improve the strength of the back

Where can I buy physical therapy products online for golf injuries?

Rehab Store offers rehabilitation products to help you recover soon from your injuries. In addition to that, we also provide tools to help you with your exercise routine to maintain proper fitness. Explore the list of our orthopedic products and fitness equipment, and shop for amazing discounts and reward dollars!