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Tools devised to assist in simple day-to-day chores that involve dressing without the help of a family member or caregiver. Here you will find devices that need minimum effort and are simple and most cost-effective. Sammons Button Hooks with Zipper Pull is an example of an ideal product for those lacking fine motor coordination or have the use of only hand. Get your pants extenders, dressing sticks, button hooks and more dressing-aid supplies… all at great prices!


Getting dressed and undressed can be a struggle for individuals with arthritis, old age, illnesses, surgeries, or other health conditions. Dressing aids are essential everyday tools that assist them in putting on and taking off clothing and help in various dressing tasks. These dressing aids make the life of seniors easier and help them preserve their independence. They eliminate the need for bending and stretching, and anyone who finds these movements difficult may benefit from a dressing aid

At Rehab Store, we provide a wide variety of dressings aids for seniors and people with a disability to dress independently without assistance. Our products include dressings sticks, button hooks, zip pullers, beard covers, pant holders, pant clips, bed ladders, body brushes, and much more to simplify the task of dressing.


Assistive Dressing Aids at Rehab Store


1. Dressing Sticks

A dressing stick is a versatile aid designed to help put on and remove a variety of clothing that cannot be easily reached. It consists of a long wooden or plastic handle, with a specially shaped hook on one end and the other end features a soft pusher. The dressing stick is vital for individuals with limited upper body movement and having difficulty bending, reaching, or grabbing.

Uses of Dressing Stick

  • Assists in putting on and removing coats and shirts 
  • Pulls up zips 
  • Tightens and loosens shoelaces 
  • Removes socks 
  • Pulls up and pushes down skirts, trousers, and underwear


Rehab store offers a huge range of dressing sticks that are useful for people with pain and stiffness in the shoulders or arms or who use only one hand. Vive Travel Dressing Stick minimizes bending and twisting while getting dressed up, and it separates into two pieces for compact storage and easy portability.


2. Button Hooks

Fastening buttons, a simple task, can turn into a frustrating struggle for those with arthritic fingers, tremors, or loss of dexterity. A button hook is a special tool designed to make buttoning and unbuttoning quick and easy. It has a wire loop attached to a built-up handle. To use this, simply pass the hook through the button loop, put it around the button, and pull it through with a twisting motion. Sammons Preston Weighted Button Aid provides greater control during use and allows the user to easily button shirts, pants, and jackets.

3. Zipper Pull

Zipper pulls are designed to make grasping the zipper a lot easier, and they usually work with any standard zipper. It consists of a cord with a hook at one end and a tab at the other to help with fastening zips. Zip-grip zipper pull can be useful if you have difficulty gripping and pulling small zipper tabs.

4. Lotion Applicators

The lotion applicator is designed to aid users with limited flexibility or range of motion for applying creams, lotions, oils, and ointments more effectively on hard-to-reach areas such as the back, shoulders, and feet. They are constructed with a dense foam that will not absorb the lotion and allows even distribution on the targeted area. The long handle eliminates the need to bend and twist to apply lotions. Essential Medical Lotion EZE Long Handle Lotion Applicator features a contoured grip with thumb hold for ease and security when in use. We also carry replacement pads.

5. Bed Ladders

Bed Ladder is designed to support an individual rising to a seated position in bed. It is a great aid for those with spinal injuries, lower extremity weakness, expectant mothers, and those recovering from surgery. Vive Bed Ladder has soft foam handles that provide a comfortable and nonslip grip.

6. Pant Holders /Pant Clips

The pant holder is a hook that holds pants out of the way for self-catheterization and is ideal for wheelchair-bound people. The smooth end of the clip is secured under the wheelchair cushion, and the hook end attaches to the waistband of the pants.

A pant clip is a dressing tool that allows the user to dress easier and more independently and increases patients’ privacy in various environments. One end of the clip is attached to the users’ pants, and the other is connected to their shirt. The pant clip cord adjusts for various heights by simply tying a knot to shorten the cord.


Where to buy Dressing Aids for Elderly online?


Rehab Store carries an extensive range of tools devised to assist in simple day-to-day chores that involve dressing without the help of a family member or caregiver. Here you will find devices that need minimum effort and are simple and most cost-effective. These high-quality dressing aids are from our esteemed vendors like Vive Health, Essential Medical, Patterson Medical, and many more. Show now and regain your independence!