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Cervical Support Pillow for Stiff Neck  

Regular pillows may not align your spine into the right position while you sleep at night, resulting in you waking up with sore neck and shoulder muscles. A pillow that is too high or too low can cause pressure buildup in your neck muscles while they try to support your head.  

Research suggests that a good orthopedic pillow can help provide the needed cervical support, relieve back pain and promote rest.  Commonly these pillows come in 4 shapes – Neck Roll Pillow, contoured pillows, crescent shaped pillows (good for taking with you on the go), D-core pillow indented at the middle of the pillow. They come in variety of shapes, sizes and materials. At Rehab-Store you will find orthopedic neck pillows from top manufacturers like Core Products, Geneva Healthcare, Vive Health, Hermell Products Inc and many more. 

Importance of a Good Cervical Support Pillow

  1. The right cervical support pillow helps in maintaining the normal cervical curve while sleeping.  
  2. With the right pillow your muscles and ligaments of the cervical region get time to relax and heal to regain their strength.  
  3. Prevents Un-natural bending of your neck.  
  4. Increases blood flow to the brain.  
  5. Relieves tension in the shoulder and back muscles. 
  6. Improves your posture while you sleep.   

How to Select an Orthopedic Neck Pillow?  

With the plethora of options available in the market we often get confused about which cervical pillow to buy. Not every pillow is suitable for everyone. Which one to select also depends upon the kind of sleeper you are:  

  • Back Sleepers: When you need to support your neck in the back sleeping position contoured pillows like Roloke Wal-Pil-O Neck Pillow will be suitable for your need. It offers 4 different support positions to your cervical region while you sleep.  
    We have many other contoured pillows and cervical roll pillows that you can use to wave off pain and stiffness in your neck.  
  • Side Sleepers: Keeping your spine straight requires a neck pillow that supports your neck in the right position. The pillow height should be more towards the neck side and less under your head. Core D-Core Cervical Support Pillow is a supportive orthopedic pillow recommended by doctors that helps restore the natural curvature of the spine.  
  • Sleeping on the go: Neck pillows are great to be carried along on the go. Horseshoe style neck pillows help you get a restful sleep anytime you feel like sleeping on the go. It reduces the strain on the neck if you sleep in a sitting position. Shop for allergy free pillows like Hermell Softeze Allergy Free Crescent Pillow that gently cradles the head for maximum support and comfort.  

Where to Buy Cervical Neck Pillows Online?  

If you are seeking products to provide anatomically correct support to the neck and head, then your search is over! We, at Rehab Store, have a huge variety of support positioners, stabilizers and pillows for the neck to help provide relief from stress and keep the head, neck and spine in proper alignment. Brands like Rolyan, Kolbs, ProCare, Softeze  and more are featured here and at attractive prices! We have diverse types of pillows including water pillows, orthopedic pillows, full-size and mid-size cervical pillows and fibersoft pillows. 

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