Best Selling Weighted Utensils

Assistive weighted utensils are designed to help those who are facing restricted movement while eating or drinking and cannot have their meal without the additional assistance. Rehab Store offers a wide range of the bestselling weighted utensils with non-slip handles for those who experience hand tremors while eating. Additional weight in the utensils adds resistance of movement to the hand to stabilize it. These utensils come in different types such as Adaptive Cutlery, Angled & Bendable, Coated, Easy-Grip Foam Tubing, Built-up Foam and Lightweight utensils. These dining-aids give good grip so that one can feed himself easily without any spillage. These products are manufactured by some of the top-selling names of the industry such as North Coast Medical, Therafin Corporation, Parsons ADL Inc, etc.

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Our Best-Selling Weighted Utensils

At Rehab Store, we have specially designed lightweight cutlery from bestselling brands like Comfort Grip, Good grips etc. These weighted utensils feature:

  • Designed ergonomically for comfortable fit in the hand
  • Can be used at home or on-the-go
  • Can be used by either the left or the right hand
  • These weighted utensils are dishwasher safe
  • Provides non-slip grip for controlled handling
  • Available for elderly as well as children
  • Used for occupational therapy
  • Combination of built-up handles and added-weight gives more control to the hand
  • Made with durable stainless-steel


Who should use Adaptive Utensils?


Our best-selling adjustable and curved weighted-utensils are ideal to be used anywhere. These utensils are designed to provide more comfort and independence to the individuals who are:

  • Experiencing hand tremors or grasping difficulty
  • Suffering from Parkinson’s disease
  • The patients of arthritis and joint-pain
  • Under their post-stroke recovery stage
  • Elderly and Children
  • Facing poor fine-motor skills


Where can I buy the Best Weighted Utensils online?


Rehab Store offers all types of top-selling weighted utensils for hand tremors. You can choose from the variety of options including knives, spoon, tablespoon, teaspoon, soup-spoon, forks, bowl, utensil holder and many more. Don’t wait & shop with Rehab Store for independent and comfortable eating.