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What is a Bed Wedge?

A Bed Wedge is a triangular pillow designed to aid sleep and alleviate chronic or postoperative pain and is useful for people with certain health needs. It keeps your spine straight and eases neck and back pain. The pillow has an orthopedic design with a gradual slope that allows users to elevate their heads, promoting blood flow and taking the pressure off areas with aches and pains. A Wedge pillow can help improve your sleep apnea, snoring, acid reflux, aches and pains, circulation issues, or support while sitting in bed. Using the wedge, you can improve your sleeping posture and get better quality sleep. At Rehab Store, you will get the best wedges for beds from top-selling brands and manufacturers like Proactive Medical, Geneva Healthcare, Rolyan, and more at the most affordable prices!

Why choose Triangle Pillow Wedge?

Wedge pillows provide both comfort and health benefits and improve your sleep environment. When used correctly, one may derive the following benefits from a pillow wedge:

1. Decreases sleep apnea and snoring

Sleep apnea is a disorder where breathing stops for short periods throughout the night. By resting on the incline of the pillow, you are allowing the airways to open up more efficiently, which improves breathing. These opened-up airways also help ease snoring issues as well.

2. Reduces symptoms of GERD and acid reflux

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is when acid reflux from the stomach moves upward into the esophagus, which can be irritating and painful. Sleeping in an elevated position can help prevent the backflow of the acid.

3. Relieves back pain

People experiencing back pain may need support while sleeping. A sleeping wedge is a great tool to provide the necessary support to the cervical and lumbar vertebrae relieving pain and strain. Keeping a wedge under the knees can relieve the lower back pain. The wedge pillow can be used in many different positions to support the back and ease any pains you may normally have.

4. Lowers the risk of glaucoma

Normally glaucoma results from eye pressure, and lying on the wedge cushion can help reduce pressure and slow down the progression of glaucoma.

5. Improves circulation

Leg elevation can help reduce swelling and encourage circulation, preventing blood clots. Users with poor circulation can put a wedge under their feet and legs to help promote blood flow to the heart. This keeps blood from pooling in the lower legs and reduces pressure on the veins. Elevating legs is also beneficial for varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis.

6. Eases pregnancy discomfort

Pregnant women can relieve back and abdominal pain using a foam wedge that elevates the abdomen. Tucking a wedge between legs will support the lower back and belly, and it also makes it easier to stay on your side and have a good sleep.

7. Offers optimal lounging

A wedge cushion provides a comfortable sitting position whether you want to lounge in bed, on the floor, on the couch, or anywhere you would like. A pillow with a higher incline will make it easier to sit in bed, watch television, read books, or work with a laptop.

When to use a Wedge Pillow?

People with the following conditions may benefit from a wedge for bed:

  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  • Sinus congestion and drainage
  • Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR)
  • Circulation problems
  • Snoring
  • Following a shoulder surgery
  • Sinus congestion and drainage
  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Back sleepers
  • Pregnancy
  • Sleep apnea

How to choose the Best Wedge Pillow?

1. Size of the Sleep Wedge Pillow

Bed wedges come in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights. You can select a size based on your weight, height, and the conditions you want to relieve. You should also keep mattress size in mind when shopping. Thinner pillows are best suited for lower back issues, whereas thicker and firmer pillows work well under the knee and under the had for those suffering from acid reflux and sleep apnea.

2. Shape of the Sleeping Wedge

Typically, the wedge cushion is triangle or wedge-shaped with a gradual slope from the low side to the high side of the pillow. Some wedges have a contoured surface designed to aid in aligning the natural curves of the neck, spline, and shoulders, while others are completely flat on each side.

3. Material Of the Wedge Cushion

Acid reflux pillow is made from foam, polyester fiberfill, or a mix of both. The quality of the material used impacts the lifespan of the pillow. Selecting a pillow made from high-quality foam will last longer, whereas low-density foam is more likely to sag with consistent use.

4. Incline of the Foam Bed Wedge

The inclination of an incline pillow is an important factor, and it depends on what type of problem you are trying to solve. A lower incline is often suitable for sleepers who use the pillow under their knees and legs. A medium incline is preferred by users with acid reflux or sleep apnea. A higher incline can be beneficial for those who plan to use the pillow for sitting up in the bed.

5. Cover of the Pillow Wedge

If you plan to use a foam wedge for sleeping every night, it is a good idea to invest in a model with a washable cover. This will ensure the pillow is clean and dust-mite-free for healthy sleeping.

Where to buy Bed Wedge Online?

Rehab store carries a wide range of multi-functional therapeutic pillow wedges designed to alleviate pressure and several medical conditions by elevating the user’s body for a good spinal alignment. Rolyan Foam Positioning Wedge Cushion is ideal for patients with breathing difficulty when lying flat. These wedges we carry are from top vendors like Hermell Products, Skil Care, Drive Medical, and many more. Place your order today!

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