Ankle Pain

Any type of pain and discomfort in the ankles is referred to as ankle pain. The pain can be due to an injury like a sprain or strain. It can also be due to medical conditions like arthritis. Ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments get torn or overstretched. Sprains can be due to twist in the ankle which rips the ligament. It takes about one to two weeks for the injury to heal. But Even after healing you must take care as sometimes the ankle becomes permanently weaker or unstable. Buy supports, stirrups, ankle exercisers and braces that are safe to use and made of high quality materials, designed keeping in mind the varied nature of injuries. Buy ankle sprain products from top manufacturers like Comfortland, Djo , Biotemper , Core Products, Bodysport and many more at HPFY. Buy now to avail attractive discounts!


Symptoms of Ankle Pain

  • Chronic Pain usually on the outer side of the ankle 

  • Difficulty in walking or sports activities 

  • Instability 

  • Swelling 

  • Stiffness 

  • Tenderness 

  • Recurring sprains

Causes of Ankle Pain

  • Osteoarthritis 

  • Gout 

  • Sciatica or other kinds of nerve injury 

  • Blocked blood vessels 

  • Joint infection

Treatment of Ankle Pain

The treatment of ankle pain depends upon the underlying cause. Conservative treatments for ankle pain include: 

At home care for Ankle Pain

  • Rest: Avoid walking or exerting weight on the injured ankle. 

  • Ice: Cryotherapy is considered effective in reducing swelling and pain. You can use the Aircast Ankle Cryo/Cuff for this purpose. Use it for not more than 20 minutes at a time. You can apply the cold pack several times a day  

  • Compression: Providing a gentle compression to the injured area can help in reducing swelling and improves blood circulation. Do not wrap it too tight as it can obstruct blood flow.  

  • Elevation: Elevating the leg above the heart level also helps in reducing pain and pressure on the injured ankle.