TechNcihe Thermafur Air Activated Heating Neck Warmers

TechNcihe Thermafur Air Activated Heating Neck Warmers

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TechNcihe Thermafur Air Activated Heating Neck Warmers contains 100% softshell with black cotton-poly elastic trim and a rear hook and loop closure. They are designed for a snug fit and to hold Heat Pax Mini Warmers. Includes 1 pair of Heat Pax Mini Warmers (5550) that deliver steady, comfortable heat for 8+ hours. Its SoftShell construction gives it a degree of water-resistance, making it a useful companion piece for those who engage in skiing, sledding, and other outdoor winter activities.

Key-Points Of Thermafur Neck Warmers:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Natural, heat-generating exothermic reaction
  • Cost-effective
  • Size: Adult

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
5522S Black Each $0.71

Air Activated Heating Technology Benefits

  • Completely portable, not tied to an external power source
  • Have a three-year shelf life
  • Reduces the risk of physical stress from cold temperatures
  • Disposable 
  • Simple and easy to use heating option
  • Low-cost option 
  • Provides warmth for extended periods of time
  • Completely portable, not tied to an external power source 
  • All TechNiche garments powered by Heat Pax come with a set of warmers

How Heatpax Warmers Are Made?

  • Heat Pax warmers are made up of a combination of iron, activated carbon, cellulose, vermiculite, water, and salt. These ingredients are wrapped in a container that keeps any oxygen from interacting with the ingredients inside the warmer.
  • Heat Pax warmers generate heat through a chemical reaction when these ingredients are combined with air. When the warmer is unwrapped oxygen is allowed to mingle with the ingredients inside the warmer. When the oxygen hits the iron in the warmer, it causes the iron to oxidize. The chemical reaction release energy in the form of heat, the salt acts as a catalyst, the carbon works as a dispersant agent and the vermiculite works to insulate the warmer and prevent the heat from escaping too quickly.

Air Activated Heating Technology – How it Works?

  • Heat Pax warmers heat up when exposed to air
  • Simply open the packet, expose it to air and place inside a pocket
  • It takes 5-10 mins to heat up
  • It is a safe chemical reaction caused when you have air, iron powder, water, vermiculite, wood and salt
  • As ingredients mix with air, they react to generate hear
  • Nontoxic reaction
  • Can be disposed of with regular garbage once used
  • The Heat Pax warmers can be combined with fleece garments with built-in pockets for Heat Pax  

Science Behind The Heatpax Technology-

Heatpax Warmers deliver hours of air-activated warmth and relief from the cold weather. Once the package is opened, an exothermic reaction occurs, providing an effective defense against the winter cold. Heating can be suspended at any time by resealing the inserts in an airtight container or plastic bag.

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