Scar Tissue Wooden Massage Tool

Scar Tissue Wooden Massage Tool

Brand/Manufacturer: NORTH COAST MEDICAL
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Scar Tissue Massage Tool is designed to alleviate sensitivity and soften scars effectively. Crafted with a wooden handle and a rubber tip, it allows precise targeting of adhesions. This versatile tool is suitable for both home and clinical applications. Massaging scar tissue with this tool can aid in reshaping the scarred area. To achieve optimal results, move the massage tool perpendicular to the scar's direction, promoting the correct alignment of collagen fibers.

Benefits of Scar Tissue Massage Tool

  • Alleviates discomfort
  • Reduces tingling and numbness
  • Increases the scar's flexibility and mobility
  • Helps to make your scar look better

Item # Desc Pkg Price
NC70225-2 Large, Diameter 5/8" (16mm) Each

Features of NC Scar Tissue Massage Tool

  • Designed with a gentle tip and a wooden handle
  • Massage Tool for Scar Tissue can be applied to soften scars and desensitize users
  • Offers efficient scar relief
  • Aids you in regaining sensation and feeling in the wounded area

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the Scar Tissue Wooden Massage Tool?

The Scar Tissue Wooden Massage Tool is designed to desensitize and soften scars, making them more comfortable and improving their appearance. It aids in reducing discomfort and enhancing scar mobility.

2. How does the massage tool work on scar tissue?

The massage tool features a gentle rubber tip and wooden handle that can be used to apply pressure and massage scar tissue. This helps break down adhesions, increase flexibility, and improve sensory function in the scarred area.

3. How often should I use a wooden massage tool on my scar tissue?

The frequency of use depends on the scar and your body's response. Starting with 2-3 times a week is often recommended. It's essential to monitor your skin's reaction and consult a healthcare provider for guidance on your specific situation.

4. Can the massage tool be used at home, or is it primarily for clinical use?

The Scar Tissue Wooden Massage Tool is designed for both home and clinic use, making it accessible for personal scar management as well as for use by healthcare professionals.

5. Are there any recommended products to use in conjunction with the massage tool for scar reduction?

Yes, it is recommended to use products such as Deep Prep Relax Massage Lotion and Cream to facilitate the massage process. Additionally, the Core Omni Mini Roller Massager can be used alongside the tool to provide additional relief.

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