Rolyan Kay Splint III Basic Control Material

Rolyan Kay Splint III Basic Control Material

Rolyan Kay Splint III Basic Control Material is designed to be used for lower extremity, arthritis and functional positioning splints. This splinting material can also be used where more aggressive handling and durability is required. Constructed with moderate rigidity and memory and firm handling tolerance. Kay Splint III can be used for temporary or permanent bonding. This product is excellent for professional use and has a high resistance to fingerprinting.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
890002 1/8" x 18" x 24", Single Sheet, Solid Each
890004 1/8" x 24" x 36", Single Sheet, Solid Each
554588 1/8" x 6" x 9", Single Sheet Each
564431 1/8" x 18" x 24", Single Sheet, 1% Perforated Each

Rolyan Kay Splint III Features

  • For a permanent bond, remove coating with liquid remover or by scraping with a sharp instrument
  • For a temporary bond, pinch heated surfaces together
  • Moderate resistance to stretch
  • High degree of control
  • Resistant to fingerprints
  • Edges trim easily
  • Water Temperature and Working Times for Kay-Splint Materials:
    - Temperature: 160ºF (72ºC)
    - Heating Time: Approximate 1 minute
    - Working Time: 1 to 3 minutes
  • Click here for Instruction Sheet

More On Rolyan Kay Splint III

Recommended Uses:
  • Lower extremity splints
  • Arthritis splints
  • Functional positioning splints
  • Any application where more aggressive handling and durability are required

Precautions for Finished Orthoses:
  • Splint adjustments are to be made only by a healthcare professional. The healthcare professional is responsible for providing wearing instructions and precautions to other healthcare practitioners, care providers involved in the patient "s care, and the patient.
    If unusual swelling, skin discoloration or discomfort occurs, use should be discontinued and a healthcare professional consulted.


  • All Sammons Preston Kay-Splint materials may be cut at room temperature with heavy shears or by scoring with a utility knife, then bending along score line and completing cut with knife or scissors. Materials can also be heated briefly until material is just soft enough to cut easily with splinting scissors.

  • Hot water is the recommended method of softening Kay- Splint for cutting and forming. Monitoring water temperature with thermometer is essential to maintaining optimal working temperature. A pan liner may be used to help prevent overheating and sticking.
    Heat guns will not provide uniform softening over large areas and are recommended only for spot heating and heating small areas.
    Adjustments can be made on completed splints by spot heating with a heat gun or by briefly dipping the part requiring modification into heated water, then reforming

  • Cold water, cold spray or cool air speed the normal cooling time of the Kay-Splint materials

  • Kay-Splint materials are self-bonding when both pieces are hot and dry. Bonding may also be accomplished with Universal Bonding Agent (7225-08). These same bonding methods apply to the attachment of hook and loop straps and outriggers

  • Edges self-seal when cut while warm, but are easily smoothed by heating with a heat gun or dipping briefly into hot water and then smoothing with a finger tip or palm of hand. Rolling of edge may also be utilized to improve cosmesis of splint or to improve patient comfort

  • All Kay-Splint materials can be easily cleaned with soap and lukewarm water. Avoid hot water while cleaning as this will soften completed splint

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