Pro-Tec Athletics Y Roller

Pro-Tec Athletics Y Roller

Brand/Manufacturer: Pro-Tec Athletics
  • FSA Approved

Pro-Tec Athletics Y Roller features dual or single ridge option which offers a targeted aggressive massage. It has the ability to roll in between ridges for a less aggressive, moderate message. This roller is made from an elastomer which is a high density, durable foam. It is an excellent tool to promote flexibility and myofascial release.

Y Roller Highlights:

  • Promotes flexibility
  • Promotes myofascial release
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Enhances performance
  • Reduces muscle tightness

Item # Desc Pkg Price
PTFM-Y Roller 6"D x 15.5"L Each

Pro-Tec Athletics Y Roller Applications

  • IT Band
    - Using both hands for balance, lie on side with roller beneath hip.
    - Align IT Band between the dual ridges.
    - Slowly roll onto the single ridge, emphasizing area of tightness on IT Band from hip to just above outside of knee
  • Quadriceps
    - While propped on elbows, position upper thighs between dual ridges.
    - Roll along single or dual ridges, emphasizing areas of tightness
  • Calf
    - Place heel in between dual ridges.
    - Roll upand down calf along single or dual ridges,emphasizing areas of tightness.
    - Cross ankles to increase compression
  • Upper and Lower Back
    - Align any set of dual ridges on either side of spine and slowly roll from lower to upper back, emphasizing areas of tightness.
    - Use dual ridges only on either side of spine to avoid direct pressure of single ridge on spine
  • Adductors
    - Place roller underneath inner area of upper thigh.
    - Slowly roll along single or dual ridge from upper, inside knee to inner thigh, shifting weight to increase pressure when necessary
  • Arch
    - Align heel between dual ridges.
    - Roll arch along single ridge,applying added pressure to targeted locations
  • Hamstring
    - Balance back of upper leg(s) on roller and slowly roll along single or dual ridges.
    - Roll up and down hamstring, emphasizing areas of tightness.

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