Bort StabiloFix Pediatric Back And Shoulder Posture Brace

Bort StabiloFix Pediatric Back And Shoulder Posture Brace

Brand/Manufacturer: BORT MEDICAL
  • FSA Approved

Bort StabiloFix Pediatric Back And Shoulder Posture Brace is ideal for correcting the posture of the thoracic spine. Fastening in the chest area makes it possible to put on or remove the brace independently. It moulds itself perfectly to the body contours, especially in the critical underarm area.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
104 600 Blue Each


  • Bort StabiloFix Pediatric Back And Shoulder Posture Brace is made of soft, non-elastic strap material¬†
  • Fitted with tucks to enable straps to be shortened easily
  • Circumference of Chest: 50cm to 70cm
  • Indications:
    - Straightening and relief of the thoracic spine
    - Misalignment of thoracic spine

More Information

  • Instruction for use:
    Step 1 After unpacking the support, remove the white Velcro strap. Important notice: You will need this Velcro strap to close the support after fitting to the body.
    Step 2 Put on the support like a backpack. Therefore slip with your arms through the loops. Be sure that the quadratic carrier plate is positioned on the back.
    Step 3 Put the crosswise running straps at the dorsum below the armpits from rear to front.
    Step 4 Pull the straps tight around the shoulder.
    Step 5 If required cut excess length of the frontally straps with a scissors. 
    Step 6 Close the straps at chest height with the earlier removed Velcro strap. 
  • Contraindications:
    - Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD), lymphatic drainage disorders and indistinct soft tissue swellings remote from the applied aid, sensory loss and blood flow disorders in the affected body part, skin disorders in the treated part of the body.
  • Composition: 55 % PES foam, 25 % polyamide, 20 % cotton
  • Important instructions:
    - No reutilisation this medical device is meant for the care of one patient only.
    - Please close Velcro fastening so that support fits thightly, avoid hindering blood circulation.
    - In case of numbness loosen support and remove it if necessary.
    - If complaints continue, please contact the doctor.

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