Jamar Plus+ Digital Goniometer

Jamar Plus+ Digital Goniometer

Jamar Plus+ Digital Goniometer is the perfect goniometer for therapists who are looking for a ROM tool that is easier to use and more accurate than a standard plastic goniometer. It give instant digital read-out to a tenth of a degree. The Zero button allows the user to zero the goniometer. Start measurement from any position and get an accurate measurement without needing to subtract the beginning value.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
81660133 8" Each
81660141 12.5" Each

Features of Jamar Plus Digital Goniometer

  • Jamar Plus Digital Goniometer requires a CR2032 battery which is included
  • Display numbers can be flipped with the press of a button, so you dont have to read upside-down measurements
  • Accurate, quick and easy to use
  • Hold button freezes display for easier recording of results
  • Auto shut-off for longer battery life

What to buy with Jamar Goniometer

How to use Jamar Electronic Goniometer?

  1. To turn on the digital goniometer, press the ON/OFF button.
  2. In order to change display direction 180 degrees, press the ON/OFF/ DISPLAY button.
  3. To Zero the display, press down on the ZERO/HOLD button for three seconds.
  4. Rotate the arms of the goniometer to take range of motion measurements.
  5. To lock the display of desired measurement, press the ZERO/HOLD button.
  6. When the measurement is in HOLD mode, the digital reader will not display a new measurement.
  7. To take off HOLD mode, press the ZERO/HOLD button.
  8. To turn off the digital unit, press down the ON/OFF button until the unit is turned off.


  1. One (1) 3V Lithium battery is included.
  2. Replacement of battery:
    • Press the battery release button on the side of the display unit.
    • The battery holder will open, like a drawer.
    • Pull the battery holder out and take the used battery out.
    • Insert a new battery with the “+” side down in the battery holder.
    • Gently insert the battery holder back in place and gently push it to see the display.

Note: Do not dispose the battery in fire. Dispose it complying with local law.

  • Do not drop the digital goniometer on a hard surface.
  • Do not submerge the digital unit in water or get wet to prevent damaging the electronic components.
  • Do not dispose the battery in fire. Dispose it complying with local law.
  • Do not store the digital goniometer with cleaning chemicals. The chemical vapors may affect the electronic components of the digital unit.


  • If goniometer does not turn on, be sure battery compartment is completely closed.
  • Care has been taken to print the scales on the goniometer as accurately as possible. However, these scales are not as accurate as the digital readout. If the two values do not match, be sure to use the more accurate value from the digital display.


One-year limited warranty(battery not covered).

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