Fitter Bongo Balance Board

Fitter Bongo Balance Board


Fitter Bongo Balance Board improves balance and proprioception. It enhances core strength and stability and increases coordination and responsiveness. The board is made of maple plywood with a polypropylene undercarriage. Functions on a double ball bearing wheel system that causes two halves to rotate independently. Tapered roller ends allow toe-heel movement and rotation.

Fitter Bongo Balance Board Features

  • Fitter Bongo Balance Board has a safety retaining cord which promotes safe and easy transport
  • Installed bumpers on each side for the security of the wheels to stay in their designated area
  • Urethane roller with polypropylene center and rubber nylon bungee cord
  • Heighten sense of body awareness and improves sports performance
  • A moderate to high level of fitness is recommended
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs

Why choose Bongo Balance Board?

  • Enables end-to-end movement and heel-to-toe rocking and rotation
  • Improve core strength and stability
  • Increases balance, proprioception, and responsiveness
  • Offers a fun way to train and do your exercise
  • Provide the highest challenge, risk, and reward

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How to use Fitter Bongo Board?

  • Adjust Balance Boards to the lowest possible setting for first-time use.
  • Only use these products on a dry surface, free of any obstacles.
  • You may need to step off quickly. Make sure you have ample space.
  • If you feel unsafe or feel like you may fall:
    • Step off the Board. Do not use it again until you have the help of a spotter or balance aid.
    • Stand in a doorway and touch both sides of the door frame beside you.

Adjusting Your Balance Board

  • This board has two height settings. To adjust, simply:
    • Lift the sphere and turn clockwise to either increase or decrease the height and difficulty.
    • Release the sphere to lock into place.

Do and Don'ts


  • Always maintain a proper upright posture with your head up, back straight, and knees bent.

  • Keep your eyes focused straight ahead.

  • Begin with a wide stance and gradually narrow it as you gain confidence.

  • Start with basic exercises and progress gradually to more challenging ones.

  • Use proper footwear with a good grip to prevent slipping.

Fitter Bongo Balance Board Do's



  • Do not stare down at your feet as this may lead to loss of balance.

  • Avoid using the balance board on slippery or uneven surfaces.

  • Avoid leaning too far in any direction, as it may lead to falls.

  • Avoid distractions while using the balance board to prevent accidents.

  • Don't use the balance board if you have any medical conditions that affect your balance.

Fitter Bongo Balance Board Don't's


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