CanDo Visualizer Overdoor Shoulder Pulley Exerciser

CanDo Visualizer Overdoor Shoulder Pulley Exerciser

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CanDo Visualizer Overdoor Shoulder Pulley Exerciser with single or double pulley and door bracket is used to increase should range of motion. Visualizer rope allows the user to achieve specific pre-defined levels of ROM. It is color-coded by ROM from yellow (least) to black (most). The portable exerciser can be easily transported and fitted to most doors. It can be used on the top, side or bottom of the door.

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#50-1036 Single Pulley With Door Bracket Each $0.63
#50-1034 Double Pulley With Door Bracket Each $0.69
#50-1037 Single Pulley With Door Disc Each $0.52
#50-1035 Single Pulley With Door Strap Each $0.52


  • CanDo Visualizer Overdoor Shoulder Pulley Exerciser allows one shoulder to compensate for the other post-surgery
  • Single pulley has a swivel hook for seamless pulley action and large foam handles for comfortable grip
  • Deluxe exerciser has 2 pulleys and bracket for smooth and easy operation
  • Extra-long rope can be used in the standing or seated position
  • Each exerciser comes standard with instructions pamphlet and retail packaging
  • Portable exerciser can be easily transported and fitted to most doors
  • Stopper prevents over-extension
  • Visualizer provides color intervals for feedback and compliance
  • Stoppers limit ROM to prevent shoulder over extension
  • Swivel Pulley allows effortless movement in all directions
  • Handles contain the excess rope so it does not get in the way
  • Color-Coded Rope provides noticeable feedback on progress; and can be used for clinicians to give clear, accurate instructions

More Information

  • Installation Instructions:
    - Open the box and verify ALL pieces are included.
    - Slide each pulley onto the V-shaped arm. Position each one on the outside of the grooves in the V-shaped arm.
    - Holding bracket in one hand, insert top end of the arm into the notch on the door bracket. Squeezing together the arms, insert the bottom of the arm into the hole on the door bracket.
    - Run end of exercise cord through BOTH pulleys.
    - Place stoppers between pulley and handle on each side.
    - Thread the exercise cord through the handles.
    - Securely tie a knot at the end of each side of the exercise cord.
    - Pull the exercise cord while holding the handle, so the knot is inside the handle.
    - Repeat steps 6-8 for the second handle.
    - Place door bracket securely on top of door unit is to be used.
  • Adjust the rope:
    - To adjust the length of the rope, tie a secure knot at the desired point.
    - Pull the cord through the handle making sure knot holds.
  • Adjust the stoppers:
    - Stoppers limit range-of-motion to prevent over extension of shoulder.
    - Push button on stopper and slide to the desired location before beginning to exercise.
  • How to use the color-coded exercise cord:
    - The CanDo Visualizer Shoulder Exerciser features color-coded sections along the rope, each 6 in/15 cm long.
    - When changing rope length, make sure both sides are equally adjusted to maintain color alignment.
  • Noticeable Progress:
    - At the start of each new exercise, make note of where the colors fall relative to the pulley mechanisms.
    - Do the same at the end of the exercise.
    - As range of-motion improves, the color sections on the rope will indicate how much progress you have made.
  • Distinct Instructions:
    - In addition to providing visual feedback on progress, the color sections can be used for clinicians to provide clear, accurate instructions.
    - Practitioners simply use the colors to set goals for patients and to provide guidelines so that patients do not push themselves too far, too fast.
  • How to use stoppers:
    - Stoppers limit range-of-motion to prevent over extension of shoulder.
    - Stoppers should be set at a comfortable location based on your ability.
    - As progress is made, move stoppers further down the rope to lengthen exercise motion.
  • Precautions:
    - Before beginning any type of exercise program, consult your health care provider.
    - Only perform exercises prescribed by your therapist or physician.
    - This product is not a toy and should not be used without adult supervision.
    - Consult your physician before allowing children to exercise.
    - Consult your health care provider if you experience pain while performing your exercises.
    - Before each exercise session, inspect the shoulder pulley for defects, cuts or wear. Replace any damaged product immediately.
    - Ensure that the knot in each handle is secure prior to use.
    - Hold the handles firmly to prevent them from slipping out of hands during use.
    - Do not wrap the rope of the shoulder pulley around any body part.
    - Ensure that the connection to the door is secure prior to use.
    - Close and lock the door before starting your exercises. Make sure the door latches and locks so that no one opens the door while the pulley is in use.
    - Adjust rope so that full range-of-motion can be achieved (length differs when sitting vs. standing).

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