Aspen Vista CTO Cervical Thoracic Orthosis

Aspen Vista CTO Cervical Thoracic Orthosis

  • FSA Approved

Aspen CTO provides added motion restriction and multiple adjustment points to help ensure a comfortable, effective fit for various patient anatomies. Vista CTO is fully adjustable & only one size is required, reducing inventory costs and keeping patient care the main priority.

Why choose Aspen CTO?

  • Fully padded for comfort
  • Padding is removable and machine washable
  • Fully adjustable one size fits all design
  • The moisture-wicking foam keeps the wearer cool


Item # Desc Pkg Price
984510 Vista CTO Each

Features of Aspen CTO Brace

Locking Sternal Adjustment

Locking Sternal Adjustment
Angle of support strut is easily adjusted to fit patient’s anatomy then locks into place.

Flexible Thoracic Adjustment

Flexible Thoracic Adjustment
One size fits essentially all patient anatomies and unlocks to assist with patient repositioning during original fit and repositioning.

Promotes Better Skin Care

Promotes Better Skin Care
Aspen cotton-lined pads wick moisture from patient’s skin while clickable polyurethane foam helps ensure optimal pressure distribution./p>


One Size Adjustable

One Size Adjustable
Adjustability on the patient makes it easy to get a customized fit.

Increased Motion Restriction

Increased Motion Restriction
Designed for those patients requiring more support than a cervical collar alone.


Benefits of Cervical Thoracic Orthosis

  • Fully padded at all patient contact points to help maximize comfort, encouraging improved patient compliance
  • The angle of the support strut is easily adjusted to fit a patient’s anatomy and then locks into place
  • One size fits essentially all patient anatomies and unlocks to adjust during original fit and repositioning

What to buy with Aspen CTO?

How to use CTO Brace?

  1. Vista Adjustment: Pull and twist the dial to adjust the height on the Vista Collar
  2. CTO Vest Adjustment:
    A. Push the button and pull to separate, disengaging the angle adjustment yoke
    B. Determine the desired custom angle
    C. Squeeze yoke back together to lock in the custom angle
    D. Push down on the secondary lock below the yellow primary lock. Now slide the yellow primary lockdown to enable vertical height adjustment
    E. Turn the dial until the vest sits at the desired position. When fitting a supine patient, the vest should be positioned as low as possible
    F. Slide the yellow button up to engage the primary lock
  3. Position Back Lumbar Panel:
    A. Slide back panel under the lumbar spine
    B. Attach the back panel clips to the sides of the vest
    C. Pull the straps evenly until the back panel is tightened. Adjust the strap padding for comfort
  4. Multipost Application: Position MultiPost collar and adjust the height to obtain the best fit
  5. CTO 4 Posterior Application:
    NOTE: Maintain neutral alignment, and with proper support, log roll patient onto their side. If MultiPost collar has been applied, remove it and attach the posterior strut as shown in the Vista CTO 4 Upgrade Kit instructions
    A. Position posterior assembly and collar back panel on the patient
    B. To adjust the length push down on the button. On the backside, with another hand, pry back to fully release. Adjust strut up or down
    C. If necessary bend the metal strut to account for kyphosis
    NOTE: Confirm adjustment buttons are secure following any adjustment
    D. Log roll patient back onto their back
    E. Tighten both collar straps as detailed in Vista MultiPost instructions
    F. Snap lumbar straps into a vest and tighten as needed to achieve a snug, comfortable fit

Aspen CTO Brace Guides

Cervical Thoracic Orthosis User Manual
Cervical Thoracic Orthosis Instruction Manual

Cervical Thoracic Orthosis Reviews

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