Active Ankle T2 Ankle Stirrup
Active Ankle T2 Ankle Stirrup

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Stirrup

Brand/Manufacturer: CRAMER COMPANIES
  • Latex Free

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Stirrup is designed for any athlete to protect an injured ankle or minimize the risk of ankle injury with minimal impact on range of motion and performance. It features a durable, quick-fitting single-strap system that is adjustable for both high and low-top shoes and feather-light EVA padding hugs every contour of the ankle.

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
15904 Small, Black Each $4.60
33136M Small, White Each $6.00
33140M Medium, Black Each $6.00
33141M Large, Black Each $6.00
33138M Large, White Each $6.00
33137M Medium, White Each $6.00


  • Active Ankle T2 Ankle Stirrup provides exceptional level of protection with a quick-fit single strap, for active lifestyles
  • Solid U-shape design relieves pressure from the ankle joint and provides superior protection
  • Bilateral hinge allows freedom of motion
  • Sleek and less bulky brace offers maximum performance and protection
  • Fits right or left ankle

More Information

  • Application Instructions:
    - Adjust the large fastening strap by sliding it up for high top shoes, or down for low top shoes
    - Positioning the strap in the center will allow the user to remove the strap for washing
    - The large fastening strap is pre-positioned in the low setting
    - Place ActiveAnkle brace inside the shoe with the logo label positioned so that it will be on the outside of the ankle
    - If the shoe has a removable insole or orthotic, place the ActiveAnkle braceunderit for additional comfort (If doing so, we highly recommend removing the white heel pad)
    - Place the foot inside the shoe
    - Make sure to adjust the pivot points to be in line with ankle bones
    - Place the small posterior strap comfortably and without tension around the back of the ankle and secure it as low as possible to the Velcro on the inside
    - Secure the large fastening strap firmly around the ankle
    - For maximum support, thread your outside shoelace through the loop and tie laces


SizeMen's Shoe SizeWomen's Shoe Size
Small5 to 8.56.5 to 9.5
Medium9 to 1210 to 13
Large12.5 to 1613.5 to 16

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