Humane Restraint Co Inc was founded in 1876. The company's line of business includes the manufacturing of surgical appliances and supplies. 

Humane Restraint  has been a pioneer manufacturer in producing a wide range of high quality leather and nylon restraints for correctional, law enforcement, and medical uses. With comfort and safety as key elements, the products are thoroughly tested at various quality checks and levels.  

Some of the most popular and reliable product lines from Humane Restraint Co corp include Law enforcement, Corrections, Court Safety, Furniture, Hospital-use restraints and long term care facilities. 

All the products are made from genuine high quality leather and other graded materials ensuring highest levels of safety and security for the users, be it patients in hospitals and facilities or be it individuals in custody.  

Where can I find Humane Restraint Co Inc and other products online? 

We at HPFY stores, offer wide range of Humane Restraint Co correctional and enforcement products including restraint belts, beds, mattress, wraps and much more at great prices and discounts. 

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