EVAC+Chair is a leading manufacturer of evacuation products and services. When an emergency event such as an earthquake or a fire occurs, using an elevator in multi-storey buildings becomes risky. People with a disability or who are injured are therefore trapped. Evac Chair is a universal evacuation solution for such people. It helps in smooth stairway descent during an emergency. No manual handling or heavy lifting is required when using evacuation stair chair during emergencies. Evacuation Chair is an easy to use and lightweight device which effortlessly glides down the stairs to assist with the safe and quick removal of people who are physically impaired.

Evacuation Chairs

Emergency evacuation chairs, also known as stairway evacuation chairs, rescue chairs or Evac chairs are a much safer and acceptable solution for evacuation in situations when the fire breaks out and lifts cannot be used. They allow less able bodied people to be quickly and safely evacuated down the stairs in such cases of emergency. People with mobility impairments need not depend on emergency services to rescue them. Evac+Chair is fully equipped to offer the best training and equipment required by large-scale buildings and venues in the event of an emergency, building evacuation or fire evacuation situation. Evac Chair is simple to use and works every time. It can even be used without training or instructions. There are no gimmicky features to snag or fail and no complicated add-ons to break. It works easily, effectively and does what it is designed for - save lives!

EVAC+Chair 300H (MK-4)

Evac+Chair 300H is the standard model of evacuation chairs for stairs. It features a blue textured finish with contrasting yellow hammock. Weight capacity of Evac Chair 300H is 400lbs. 300H Evacuation chair has dual position seating that offers optimal comfort and safety.

  • Easy to use tracked chair
  • One person operation
  • Unique self-braking system
  • Dual position seating
  • Lightweight
  • Locking rear wheels
  • Head, chest and thigh restraints

EVAC+Chair 500

Evac+Chair 500 is an emergency stair chair that can be used on steep stairs up to 45 degrees. It is a two-person operation rescue chair with an increased passenger capacity of 500lbs. 500H emergency chair can also be used as a single person operation chair for weights up to 400lbs.

  • Bariatric capability
  • One/two person operation
  • Easy to use tracked chair
  • Retractable front grab handles
  • Unique self-braking system
  • Head, chest and thigh restraints
  • Locking rear wheels
  • Dual position seating
  • Lightweight

EVAC+Chair 600H

Evac+Chair 600H includes 2 carrying handles that allow for a 2-person operation. It is especially useful in places with difficult access, including those with the upwards evacuation. 600H evacuation stair chair has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

  • Suitable for 2 to 4 operators to carry
  • Tracked chair with unique self-braking system
  • Retractable rear and front grab handles
  • Head, chest and thigh restraints
  • Dual position seating
  • Locking rear wheels
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight

EVAC+Chair 700H

IBEX 700 Transeat is appropriate for spiral stairs and places where space is restricted. It ascends and descends stairs safely without carrying or heavy lifting.

  • Stainless steel frame construction
  • Telescopic extendable handle
  • Chest and ankle restraints
  • Quick and easy to open
  • Adjustable brake
  • Easy to use
  • Compact storage

EVAC+Chair Carry Lite Chair

Carry Lite Chair is a narrow carry chair for people with mobility impairments. It is designed for easy and compact storage. Carry Lite Chair neatly folds in half and can be stored in the smallest of places. It unfolds for immediate use in one swift movement.

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Large wheels for stability over rough terrain
  • Lifting handles for effective grip
  • Unique locking system

Dual Position Seat

300H, 500, 600H Evac Chairs allow adjusting the seat position each and every time according to the specific needs of the user. It provides added safety and comfort. Dual position seat lets the user choose which seating position he/she desires every time.

  • Option 1: Flat seat with over thigh quick release passenger restraint and zipped side panels.
  • Option 2: Hammock seat. While retaining the use of over thigh restraint, simply release zipped side panels and fasten them together on the underside.

Benefits of Evacuation Chairs

Following are the benefits of using an Evac Chair in an emergency situation:

  • Ease of Transfer: Evac Chair is designed for easy transfer of people with limited mobility that may require assistance. It is low, stable and open on both sides. Evacuation chair offers passenger safety at all times by not moving during transfer.
  • Maneuverability: Evac Chair requires a 4 ft width of halls, stairways and landings. It maneuvers these areas easily.
  • Speed and Control of Descent: Evac Chair takes about 15 seconds to safely descend 2 flights of stairs without blocking the way for other users. It does so by using the Polymatic v-belt as a friction breaking device. Evacuation chair uses the leverage of the operator and gravity to create friction and stop the chair.
  • Stability: Evac Chair comes with an easy fold out two wheel trolley that provides flat surface stability.
  • Restraints and Comfort: Seat pocket of the emergency evacuation chair cups the body securely and the passenger is strapped into the chair. The padded back and sliding headrest provides comfort.

EVAC Chair Accessories

Evac Chair accessories are the add-ons that add to the safety, convenience, usability and comfort of the Evac chairs. They include Evac Chair Anti-theft Alarm Device, Evac Chair Transporter, Evac Chair Comfy Seat and Evac Chair Metal Storage Cabinet.

  • EVAC+ Chair Anti-theft Alarm Device: It is a battery-operated alarm device that produces an audible alarm when the evacuation chair is detached from its housing.
  • EVAC+ Chair Transporter: It is a portable transfer device used for lifting disabled persons where self-transfer is difficult. It transfers the person from a wheelchair into the evacuation chair or out of the evacuation chair.
  • EVAC+ Chair Stair Chair Comfy Seat: Comfy seat is specifically designed for Evac Chairs. It is a cushioned seat that is used to offer additional support and comfort. Comfy Seat clips easily to the seat frame of the rescue chair.
  • EVAC+Chair Metal Storage Cabinet: It is a commercial storage cabinet with a wide manual door. The door has a non-locking paddle handle for quick access and easy removal.

Where can I buy EVAC+Chair Products online?

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