BraceLab was established with the mission to provide with the best medical braces on the market that offer optimal support with maximum functionality, so that patients can get back to their daily routine, as quickly as possible. It brings a wide range of back, neck, thumb, wrist braces and many more with which it serves major market needs. BraceLab is the exclusive distributor of Push braces. They are uniquely designed in medical experts consultation to be anatomically correct and provide optimal support with minimal restriction of daily activities. These braces are machine washable.

What are Push Braces?

Push Braces was created for a better alternative to functional taping. These all push braces were uniquely designed medical experts consultation. They are made with premium quality materials and workmanship for maximum comfort and durability. Most of these Push products utilize Sympress, a soft, moisture-wicking microfiber material. These machine washable braces are manufactured under three certifications from the International Standards Organization (ISO) Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis – the leading orthosis for thumb CMC osteoarthritis.

Push Braces Products Range

  • Push care: For slight injuries or disorders; help with pain relief, improves stability with adjustable compression
  • Push med: For treatment and prevention of injuries; more mechanical support, adjustable compression
  • Push ortho: Repositions and stabilizes to compensate for loss of function; highest level of mechanical support
  • Push Sports: Combines freedom of movement and support to create control for athletes to play hard, exercise safely

Push Sports Braces

  • The Push Sports line, a division of Push Braces, helps athletes and other physically active people get back to the routine sports and activities by allowing them to both recover from injuries and prevent other injuries.
  • The Push Sports line is developed by a team of brace specialists in close cooperation with athletes and sports professionals to meet their specific needs. Each Push Sports brace is designed to optimize safe support and allow healthy exercise. Efficient use of high-quality materials results in ultra-thin, comfortable sport braces that protect joints when exercising. The braces fit into athletic shoes and under tight fitting sportswear because of their slender design.
  • The critical element of the Push Sports product design is to allow safe freedom of movement during exercise. This is achieved by supporting the injured joint during movements that are prone to causing injury—without restricting movement in directions that do not need it. A Push Sports brace is also an excellent aid for strengthening, enabling exercise. Research* now shows that braces do not cause muscles to weaken: Push Sports braces support the ligaments without restricting the muscles’ ability to function.
  • A snug and comfortable fit is the hallmark of these braces. Anti-slip materials are used where needed to keep the brace in position, even during exercise. the brace breathes and does not feel sweaty due to the porous fabrics.
  • Push Sports braces allow patients to exercise feeling comfortable and secure whether recovering from a healing injury, preventing reinjury, or avoiding a repetitive stress injury.
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