Buy Two Handled Cups for Elderly | Double Handle Cup for Adults

Two-handled cups for elderly are designed for individuals who have difficulty holding a cup due to some medical condition, injury, or neurological disorder. A wide range of conditions can cause impaired grip and weakness in the hands, which results in difficulty while holding, gripping, and lifting objects. One of these difficulties includes drinking, a daily activity that includes multiple actions and requires complete coordination of the hand and the arm. These drinking aids help in coping with the impairment of the hand or the arm, which can hamper efficient drinking.

What conditions require the use of Double Handled Mugs?

Several medical conditions or injuries can cause impaired functioning of the hand and the arm which in turn requires using two handle cups. They include:

Features of Two Handled Cups

Double handled mugs for elderly are designed with multiple features to ease the process of drinking, which include:

  • Sturdy double handles – The prime feature that gives the cup its name is the double handles of the cup, which are designed to be sturdy and provide excellent support while lifting the cup. They have ample space for all hand sizes to form a grip comfortably and are lightweight to ease the lifting without increasing the weight of the cup.
  • Multiple volumes and sizes – Two-handle cups are available in multiple volume and size options to fit the needs of different individuals. Depending on what liquid one would like to use the cups for, they come in different sizes to manage the temperature of the liquid.
  • Spill-proof lids – At HPFY, most of the two-handle cups come with anti-spill lids. Designed in different ways to reduce the chances of spilling the liquids, these cups are equipped with a snorkel or spout that enhances the delivery of the liquid while reducing spills.
  • Lightweight and Crack-Resistant – With a strong and sturdy plastic body, two handle cups are designed in a way that reduces the chances of breaking or cracking the cup. The efficient plastic body of the cup also decreases its weight, making it easier for the user to lift the cup and maintain balance.

Where to buy Two Handle Cups for Elderly online?

At HPFY, we have a wide range of premium two handle cups that ease drinking. Buy superior drinking aids at discounted prices from top manufacturers and brands.