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What is a Tub Transfer Bench?

A Tub Transfer bench is a bathroom transfer aid that helps a person move from one part of the bathroom, such as the commode, to the bathtub or the shower area. These benches are shaped like regular benches but have a special feature that allows the patient to sit on one side of the bench and slide down to the other side. The bath transfer chair is placed near a bathtub or a commode, and the patient sits comfortably on one side. The user or a caregiver then gently pushes the patient down into place. They have comfortable seats, and you can securely lock the sliding rail to prevent mishaps. Permanent transfer systems involve the installation of rails in the bathroom from the origin of transfer to the target area. The bathtub transfer chair is then placed on the rails to transfer the patient. The shower transfer chairs are ideal for people with limited mobility and provide easy access to the bathroom or shower.

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Features of Transfer Shower Bench

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Helps a patient move from one place in the bathroom to another
  • Can be securely placed in the bathroom
  • The rubber pads under the legs promote stability on wet surfaces as well
  • The seating is comfortable and safe

Types of Transfer Benches

Aluminum Transfer Bench

Aluminum transfer tub benches are strong and sturdy bath transfer chairs that enhance safety and security in the bathroom. They provide the solution for safer transfer from a sitting position into and out of the tub. Nova Medical Heavy Duty Transfer Bench is designed with aluminum anodized frame and heavy duty blow molded seat. It features non-skid rubber tips, suction tips, and a removable back and converts easily for left or right-hand transfers.

Bariatric Transfer Bench

Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench comes with a heavy-duty molded seat and back. It is designed for easy transfer of heavy weight people. ConvaQuip Bariatric Tub Transfer Bench has high strength aluminum design with a weight capacity of 500lbs.

Folding Transfer Tub Bench

The folding tub bench folds flat for transport and storage. Drive Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench is easily foldable and comes with a safety net to catch dropped personal items and prevent bending.

Padded Transfer Bench

The padded transfer shower chair comes with a comfortable cushioned seat and backrest. It provides assistance to those who have difficulty stepping over bathtub walls. Drive Knock Down Padded Transfer Bench comes with a padded seat and extra-large, locking suction cups to provide added safety and stability.

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