Speech Therapy For Kids - Buy Speech Therapy Aids

Speech therapy is used to help individuals assess, manage, and treat speech disorders or speech related disorders. A wide range of therapies, activities, and assistive aids are used to improve speech and communication by either enhancing the speech system or improving or amplifying the voice of the individual to make sure communication is achieved easily and independently


What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy includes a wide range of activities such as articulation therapy, language intervention activities, and other mediums to manage speech or language disorders.

What Conditions Require Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is used to manage a wide range of speech disorders or communication disorders such as:

  • Fluency Disorders – Fluency refers to the flow, speed, and rhythm of an individual’s speech. Stuttering and cluttering of speech are common fluency disorders.
  • Articulation Disorders – The ability to form certain word sounds is known as articulation. The inability to articulate a word properly constitute articulation disorders
  • Receptive Disorders – Receptive disorders are those where an individual cannot fully understand what the other person is speaking since they cannot understand sounds or word meanings.
  • Expressive Disorders – Expressive disorders includes the inability to express oneself easily. One can be diagnosed to have an expressive disorder if have trouble forming accurate sentences.
  • Cognitive-Communication Disorders – Injury to the brain or a neurological disorder can cause cognitive-communication disorders. Memory loss, difficulty in speaking, and inability to understand speech are part of cognitive-communication disorders.

What Does Speech Therapy Include?

Since speech disorders affect the organs used for communication speech therapy addresses the same organs and mechanisms to help manage the disorders. This includes:

  • Interaction through talking, playing, using books, pictures, and objects.
  • Help correcting sounds and syllables to enhance articulation and fluency
  • Create and administer strategies for individual as well as caregiver
  • Exercises such as problem solving, breathing exercises, conversational tactics, etc

Where to Buy Speech Therapy Aids Online?

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