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Supports from specialists that help control extraneous shoulder and elbow motion and provides independence in day-to-day tasks. These mobile arm supports are ideal for clients with spasticity, mild tremors, ataxia or mild-to-moderate incoordination. They add more freedom to the lives of those with impairment or paresis of shoulder muscles, cervical spine injuries, multiple sclerosis and other similar ailments. An assortment of mobile arm supports available, each boasting of unique features.

What is Mobile Arm Support?

Mobile arm support (MAS) is an assistive technology product designed for patients whose arm is afflicted. MAS is a zero-gravity metal mechanical device mounted on the tables or wheelchairs that supports the weak upper limb to improve function. Patients suffering from neurological, muscular, and orthopedic conditions and who exhibit hand and arm weakness would benefit from these devices. These devices allow individuals to perform activities of daily living such as feeding, facial hygiene, grooming, writing, page-turning, power wheelchair propulsion, etc.

Rehab Store understands the value of self-respect and dignity, strives to improve quality of life, and offers solutions to make mealtime more manageable for those with limited upper limb mobility and function. You can find an assortment of mobile arm supports, each boasting of unique features that add more freedom to the lives of those with impaired strength. Jaeco Mobile Arm Support has an added feature of an elevation assist that allows a greater range of motion.

Benefits of Arm Support

  • Enhances the ability of individuals with limited arm strength to perform daily tasks independently.
  • Adjustable and movable design contributes to improved mobility and adaptability.
  • Adjustable features allow for a personalized fit, ensuring optimal support and comfort.
  • Aids individuals in the rehabilitation process by providing support during recovery from injuries or surgeries.
  • Minimizes the effort required for tasks, reducing fatigue, especially for those with muscle weakness.
  • Applicable in various settings, including home, work, and rehabilitation facilities.
  • Promotes independence and engagement in daily activities, contributing to an improved overall quality of life.
  • Reduces physical strain on caregivers, making caregiving more efficient and manageable.

When do you use Mobile Arm Support for Feeding?

People with the following conditions may benefit from the use of mobile arm support, including:

How does a Mobile Support for Arm work?

  • Many health conditions like stroke, spinal cord injury, etc., can cause severe upper extremity weakness. 
  • To perform day-to-day functional activities, one needs to have adequate proximal strength (shoulder/elbow) to allow normal distal control (hand/wrist). 
  • MAS is a gravity-supported device that counteracts the effects of gravity while facilitating and promoting functional movement. 
  • The MAS requires the user to only have minimal proximal movement (trunk, shoulder, or chest) with the assistance of gravity to create distal arm motion in both the horizontal and vertical planes. 
  • The MAS has a unique mechanism that compensates for the weight of the user’s arm, and thereby the arm feels weightless. MAS only supports the arm, and the users make the movements using the strength they got left.

What does an Arm Support do?

MAS is designed to support the arm's natural movements, and using this will reduce the amount of effort required to move and use your arm and perform ADLs easily without any assistance. Research has shown that these devices are also effective for decreasing spasticity, improving motor control, and minimizing fatigue and compensation. It help accomplish both functional and remedial needs. The benefits may include:

  • Reduces pain in the arm 
  • Increases range of movement of the shoulder and elbow 
  • Increases functional possibilities 
  • Improves motor control 
  • Maximizes functional independence 
  • Minimizes fatigue 
  • Decreases spasticity

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Rehab Store offers high-quality mobile arm supports that allow people with upper limb weakness to perform daily living activities. These products are from industry leaders Jaeco Orthopedic and others. Place your order today!

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