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Mat table is used by physical therapists, massage therapists, or any healthcare professionals. A mat table or a physical therapy table has a flat surface and thickness of around two inches, where patients can comfortably lie down to get the treatment. Rehab Store offers a wide range of therapy tables from leading brands, namely, Clinton Industries Inc, Hausmann Industries Inc., and Armedica

Features of the mat table 

A mat table or a therapy table is an extremely important part of any health centre. It should be comfortable for both patients and the therapists. Mat tables come in variety, here are some of the common features of mat tables. 

  1. Patient comfort – The mat table comes with a comfortable surface made of various materials like leather, silk, satin, polyester, and many other things. Its texture is soft and very comfortable for the patient to get treatment. 
  2. Appropriate length – Mat tables come in different sizes, they can be higher or lower in height, but normally they are 18-24 inches long. This height is designed for the comfortability of both therapist and patient. Some mat tables even have an adjustable height. 
  3. Wide sized table – With lower height, they come in wide sizes, so that a therapist can properly use the space to do the necessary treatment and the patient also gets room to be comfortable throughout the treatment, although it depends on the area of the place also. 
  4. Adjustable backrest – Some of the physical therapy tables are foldable with adjustable backrests, you can make use of them accordingly and help the back of the patient to rest.  
  5. Strong material – Mat tables are made of strong materials, they are generally made of wood, steel, or aluminum. Patients visiting the health centre can also be heavily weighted, so the mat table or the physical therapy table must be patient friendly. 
  6. Wheelchair approachable – A mat table or physical therapy table should be accessible for everyone. The patients on wheelchairs should not find it difficult getting on the mat table, and its height should be approachable for wheelchair users. 

These mat tables come in different materials, color variants, and tear resistance. Mat table’s surface is thick and made of such material that it’s comfortable and easy to clean. These tables can be accessorized by orthopedic pillows or foam rolls for the patient's comfort. 

Buying Guide: How to pick a therapy table? 

These mat tables are well equipped with many features and variety but picking a physical therapy table according to your use is of utmost importance. Here are some points to consider before buying a table mat- 

  1. Space friendly – Mat tables are big objects to be placed in your clinic or the place you are going to keep them. Its size should be area friendly that fits in your space. 
  2. Weight capacity – Its weight capacity should be enough to take the weight of any patient. As it may be possible that people having health issues are heavily weighted. 
  3. Mat color – In the health industry, color has a huge role as the colors should be eye-friendly. Make sure your mat is the correct color depending on your work area and profession. 
  4. Usage Type – Mat tables are used for varied purposes. Opt for a table that fulfills your needs. If your profession requires an adjustable or straight table, buy accordingly. 

Where to buy a physical therapy table? 

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