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To help incontinent people live a comfortable and dignified social life, Rehab Store offers a gamut of incontinence products designed to protect cloths, linens, and furniture from episodes and instances of urinary or fecal incontinence.  

We carry various incontinence products like adult diapers, bladder control pads, disposable or washable incontinence underwear, and panty liners, to name a few, from top manufacturers. 

Incontinence affects an estimated 13 million people in the United States alone. It most commonly affects older women due to various physiological reasons. Incontinence can make life difficult to navigate and be the reason for embarrassment at times. 

Types of Incontinence  

Largely there are two main types of incontinence - urinary and fecal.  

  • Urinary Incontinence is the total or partial loss of bladder control, including occasional dribble or leakage due to a movement or a sudden and uncontrollable urge to pee that doesn't give one enough time to use a toilet.  
  • Fecal or bowel incontinence is the loss of control of bowel movements, resulting in stool leakage. 

Both urinary and fecal incontinence are further divided into various sub categories and can occur to anybody as a result of various circumstances, including pregnancy, surgery, or an accident. The severity of the incontinence decides what type of incontinence aids the user requires.  

Incontinence products that Rehab Store offers are designed with utmost precision from leading brands and have a variant capacity of liquid absorption suitable for different urinary and fecal incontinence types. 

Buying Guide: Choosing the Right Incontinence Supplies 

Continence products come in many shapes, styles, sizes, designs, and for purposes. These products include cloth diapers to Kegel exercisers. With so many products to choose from comes confusion. Therefore, it is essential to determine the most accurate and effective products that suit their needs. 

1. Types of incontinence supplies 

  • Adult Diapers 

Adult diapers also known as incontinence underwear looks much like traditional underwear designed to manage continence and protect the user. These underwears come in two variants - disposable incontinence underwear and washable incontinence underwear.  

The reusable incontinence underwear is manufactured with soft and comfortable fabric that helps save a lot of money and protect against skin irritations.  

These are also designed in different styles, including pull-up diaper and winged diaper types, to suit users with varying degrees of mobility. These can be changed easily by the user or a caregiver.  

Whereas disposable underwears help reduce laundering expenses and offers more absorbency for those requiring high levels of protection.  

At Rehab Store, we offer incontinence underwear for women and men with unique features and benefits. 

  • Incontinence Pads  

Incontinence pads are similar to panty liners. However, usually have better absorbency. Incontinence pads are often compared to menstrual pads, but the continence pads have more absorbent cores and features to help with urinary leakage. We offer a plethora of incontinence pads for men and women from a variety of manufacturers.  

  • Wet Wipes for Adults 

Washcloths and wet wipes help with perineal skin care without having to bathe or shower several times. Wiping and keeping the perineal skin help reduce diaper rash and excess moisture, and eliminate odor. 

  • Incontinence Under pads 

Incontinence under pads are comfortable fabric pads that protect furniture, mattresses, cushions, and linens from incontinence leaks. These under pads come with waterproof layers surrounding the furniture and linens to protect them from leakages and soiling of the sheets or furniture. 

2. Absorption levels of incontinence products 

We offer incontinence supplies that differ from one another in terms of absorbency and protection levels that they provide. You can pick incontinence products such as absorbent diapers and briefs depending on the level of protection you need including products for low level of protection to high level of protection.  

3. Degree of mobility the products offer 

Incontinence should not stop you from leading a happy, active, and satisfactory life. Incontinence supplies at Rehab Store are manufactured keeping in mind the level of mobility the user has. If you have an active lifestyle easy and effective pull-up diapers is the correct choice for you. There are also several types of incontinence products suitable for those habitual of doing lots of activities.  

4. Comfortability of the incontinence aids 

Comfort comes first, and it is specifically true for incontinence aids. Go for an option that offers utmost comfort and protection against skin infections.   

5. Appearance of the products 

The look and feel of the undergarments are extremely personal, and we understand that. Hence, we offer incontinence aids that are attractive and feel soft against the perineal skin.  

6. Gender specific continence supplies 

Incontinence undergarments differ for men and women. Rehab Store offers gender specific incontinence aids including incontinence underwears for men, male gaurds, incontinence underwear for women, adult diapers for men, adult diapers for women, men’s briefs, women’s briefs, and more.  

7. Purpose of the supplies 

If you are dealing with night time incontinence, you would want to opt for an overnight diaper that provides protection from leakage and excessive moisture. Similarly, if you are dealing with fecal incontinence you would want to go for an incontinence product that offers protection against uncontrollable bowel movements.  

Where can I buy Incontinence Products? 

Rehab Store offers a wide range of incontinence supplies for men and women suitable for the management of urinary incontinence and bowel incontinence. Find quality incontinence aids from top manufacturers such as Attends, Cardinal Health, and Medline, to name a few. Order today at affordable prices.