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What is Hip Support Brace?

A Orthopedic hip brace is a specialized brace that maintains a healthy distance between the hips and knees and restricts excessive hip motion. Hip Stabilizers are frequently used to stabilize the damaged joint following hip surgery or dislocation. Adults and children are also given hip abduction orthoses to treat hip dysplasia.
Orthopedic Hip Brace provides stability and support to your injured hip and prevent further injury with our hip supports. These are available in different sizes, are inexpensive and top quality. The briefs and sweat pants from Posey have high impact-absorbing viscoelastic pad that protects hip bones against injury. They are ideal for patients at risk for falling and those at risk for a hip fracture. The abduction system and pillows from Rolyan facilitate positioning and immobilization. Also available neoprene shorts for children.
The goal of a Orthopedic hip brace is to stabilize your hip and pelvic area after trauma. It can also:

  • Balance your walk
  • Limit range of motion
  • Act as a shock absorber
  • Align your hip, pelvis and knee
  • Redistribute pressure on your hip and pelvis

Benefits of Using Orthopedic Hip Brace

  • Increase pelvic stability
  • Reduced pain
  • Improved mobility
  • Adjustable support (with selected braces)
  • Adjustable range of movement (with selected braces)
  • Improved body and limb posture

Indications for Use of a Hip Brace

Hip Dysplasia Brace For Adults can keep your hip and pelvic area stable while conditions heal, including:

  • Hip dislocation
  • Hip arthroplasty
  • Hip dysplasia-anterior or posterior
  • Hip arthritis
  • Hip pain management
  • Hip immobilization
  • Hip surgery-pre-operative or post-operative
  • Inoperable hip abnormalities

How to wear the Hip Abduction Brace?

  • A hip abduction orthosis should never be worn on exposed skin. Wear something snug underneath it at all times.
  • Sitting upright while wearing the hip dysplasia brace will be difficult as the brace is meant to prevent excessive movement. Sitting in a recliner or pillows for back support may be helpful. 
  • It will be difficult to stand up if you sit on something that is too close to the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can hip braces help with sciatica?

Yes, hip braces with compression can ease sciatica pain by supporting strained hip muscles.

2. What's the difference between orthosis and brace?

A brace is a type of orthosis, an external device for body alignment control.

3. Is there a brace for hip pain?

Yes, braces like offloading or hip abduction ones can help with different types of hip pain.

4. What does a hip brace do?

It supports your hip, keeps your leg in the right position, and prevents pain or injury.

5. Alternatives to a hip brace?

Rest, hot/cold packs, or surgery are options instead of wearing a hip brace.

6. What brace for hip dislocation after replacement?

A Hip Protection brace limits leg movement after hip replacement surgery.

Our Top-Selling Braces for Hip Dysplasia

Where to buy Hip Braces Online?

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