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What is a Plate Guard?

A plate guard is a plastic or stainless-steel rim designed to snap onto the edge of a dinner plate securely. The plate guard creates a high edge that helps the food go onto the spoon or fork, not off the plate or the table. It easily attaches to a round dinner plate and is removed just as easily, making it an incredibly easy-to-use eating aid. The food guard is ideal for the elderly, disabled, and those individuals with poor hand dexterity, weak grip, or tremors.

Why use a Food Shield?

  • Physical limitations can make self-feeding difficult for your loved ones. Food guards are designed to address these dining challenges.
  • The plate guard fits tightly around the rim of any circular plate and provides a wall against which to push food when scooping food onto the eating utensil. It prevents food from falling off the plate and makes mealtime mess-free.
  • A plate guard is a practical solution for people who tend to push food off the plate because of tremors or lack of coordination.
  • Plate Guards for stroke or Parkinson’s patients can make eating less work and more enjoyable.
  • These spill guards are perfect for those who want to use conventional dinnerware but have difficulty getting food onto eating utensils.

Benefits of Food Guard

  • Unique design: The unique design of this innovative dining aid makes it to be used with regular dinner plates.
  • Comfortable dining experience: The food bumper helps eliminate mess and frustration at the dinner table. The spill guard guides food onto the spoon or fork and prevents food from spilling onto the table and floor, helping achieve a positive dining experience.
  • Self-feeding: The plate guard is a useful tool for promoting self-feeding, which helps preserve dignity and boost the self-esteem of loved ones.
  • Convenience: It is lightweight and can be taken while dining out. The food guard is dishwasher safe.

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Where to buy a Plate Guard online?

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