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Breast Cancer is the second most common type of cancer. It is a condition wherein the breast cells grow abnormally. Early detection of breast cancer increases the chances of full recovery from it. However, care and support after breast surgery are equally important on this road to recovery.  

Rehab Store offers a wide range of breast cancer products, including lumpectomy recovery products, mastectomy recovery products, such as mastectomy bras, breast forms, & more from trusted and well-reputed brands, namely, Amoena and American Breast Care. Place your order today! 

Products for Breast Cancer Recovery 

1. Breast Forms 

Mastectomy breast forms offer a realistic look, feel soft, and keep the skin happy. Breast forms come in different sizes, styles, and materials and may have an artificial nipple or a particular shape. 

Buying Guide for Perfect Breast Forms 

Some factors involved in considering the best breast forms to buy include 

  • The design of the mastectomy breast form 
  • The fit of the breast form 
  • The shape of the prosthesis 

2. Mastectomy Bras 

Post-mastectomy bras are worn to protect the surgery scar from infection and provide the wearer with a natural, feminine, and comfortable look. Our mastectomy bras include camisole bras, post-surgical bras, underwired bras, and leisure bras, to name a few. 

Buying Guide for Mastectomy Bras 

Finding the right fit bra is a tricky task, to make it a little easier, here are somethings to consider while buying a mastectomy bra -  

  • Style of the bras 
  • Coverage and material of the bra 
  • Cup Height 
  • Cup Separation 

3. Mastectomy Accessories 

Mastectomy accessories include breast form covers, breast form back pads, & more from leading names of the industry such as Nearly Me, Anita International Corporation, and Classique Inc., to name a few.  

Where to buy breast cancer products? 

Rehab Store is your companion in the road to recovery from Breast Cancer. Buy all that you need for a speedy recovery and live a healthy lifestyle.