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Book Holders for Elderly

Book holders are designed for use by individuals with upper extremity weakness due to old age, arthritis, or other disabilities. They are also great reading aids for people who want a hands-free reading experience. The book holder holds books securely for comfortable reading anywhere – in bed, on the couch, on a lap, or anywhere else. Reading is a huge part of our life, and a book holder is ideal for people who love to read. Seniors can have an enjoyable reading experience without having their hands glued to the book. The book holders come in several sizes and are even adjustable. The adjustable book holder positions books, magazines, newspapers, or individual sheets of paper at a comfortable angle for reading.

If you are looking for the best bookholders, you have come to the right place. Rehab Store offers high-quality bookholders holding books open in various comfortable positions. Our products are simple yet effective that can make your reading easier.

Book Holder benefits

  • Allows to read hands-free 
  • Reduces strain and fatigue 
  • Increases overall comfort 
  • Alleviates pressure from neck and back 
  • Adjustable to different sitting positions 
  • Helps maintain an ergonomic sitting posture 
  • Its portable, easy to carry around

How does a Book Holder help Arthritic Hands?

People normally think of reading as a non-physical activity, but reading a book requires strength and agility. One thing that could be stopping many people from reading books could be that they feel it extremely painful and tedious to hold books. Individuals with arthritis symptoms such as sore or weak hands and arms may find it difficult to hold a page down while reading. Having the book, keeping the binding open, and grasping the pages require a certain amount of force, and sustaining that for hours of reading can take a toll on the person's hand, especially if that person has arthritis.

Book holders are great solutions for them; they help ease the placement of books and ensure a hands-free reading experience. Book holders help relieve pain and fatigue in the neck, shoulders, upper back, and hands.

Features to look for in a Book Holder Stand

1. Material:

Book holders are usually made of plastic, wood, metal, and the material used determines the durability and strength of the device. Some materials are lightweight and need low maintenance, while others are sturdy and well-built. Choose according to your preferences as to how and where you intend to use it.

2. Purpose:

Book holders are meant to offer you a convenient reading experience, so go for one that best suits your needs. If you need a book stand for heavy books, you might benefit from a strong and large stand like a wooden stand. But if you are looking for a stand to read novels or magazines, then a small plastic stand would be good enough.

3. Adjustability:

The best book holder allows you to keep the book down conveniently and read it hands-free. Furthermore, you can also adjust the height and angle of the stand to maintain a good posture and ensure eye-level reading.

Where to buy Book Holder for Bed?

Rehab Store carries a variety of book holders for individuals with limited strength and dexterity from top-selling manufacturers like Attainment Company, Childrens Factory, Maddak, and many more. Maddak Roberts Book Holder can hold the book of any thickness and at a comfortable reading angle. At the same time, Sammons Book Holder Stand offers special features like a telescopic pole and a fully adjustable positioning range with castor wheels for easy movement. Shop now and reignite your love for reading books.