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The grabbers and reaching tools from our top-selling brands are easy on the hands and to use. These mobility aids, for better reach & grasp, come with the following features-

  • It helps pick up small to large-sized items very precisely
  • Designed with the good length
  • Maneuverable and easy to handle
  • Light weighted with a comfortable grip
  • Offers a better hold with a soft rubber-tipped gripper
  • In-built magnets for metallic objects
  • Ergonomic handles for longer reach
  • It can be used outdoor and indoor
  • Available in different colors and sizes

Who should use the grabber and reach extension tool?

Everybody wants to move comfortably and freely to perform routine tasks. Our grabbers and reaching tools help people with disabilities and arthritis to reach places easily and to reduce the obstacles related to picking up or keeping things on high shelves or lower places while working. These grabbing tools and reachers are best for:

  • Elderly people who lose their strength and gripping power with age
  • People suffering from permanent joint pains, Arthritis, back pain, and other body aches
  • A person with visual impairment or disability
  • People recovering from surgeries or injuries
  • Regular work also to make it quicker and easy

Types of Reachers for Seniors

There are six basic types of reachers or grabbers for seniors:

  • Folding reachers: Also popularly known as travel reachers, they can easily be folded and carried around in a backpack. They have locks at the folds that ensure the reacher does not fold up while in use.
  • All-purpose reachers: are specially designed to pick up all kinds of objects. They can pick up big and heavy objects and even tiny ones. Each of these reachers has its own range.
  • Ergonomic handle reacher: People with hand or wrist difficulties should use these reachers as the ergonomic handle provides ease and comfort. These reachers have power handles. Thus, a small movement on the lever will activate the reacher.
  • Lightweight reacher: These reachers are made of carbon steel or aluminum and are light in weight. They can be carried around easily and put less strain on the arm or hand.
  • Adjustable length reacher: A common choice among wheelchair-bound and bedridden people, this reacher can be altered according to one’s need, thus making it easier for a person to pick up things near and far.
  • Outdoor reacher: With a superior, strong grip, these reachers are specially made for outdoor and rough use. They are sturdier than other reachers and can be put to the test almost anywhere.

Where can I buy the bestselling Reachers and Grabbers online?

Rehab Store is your one-stop shop for a wide range of top-selling reachers and grabbing tools. You can discover from the list of our top brands and pick the reacher that fits your daily life best. Rehab Store is dedicated to improving the quality of your life by making it more mobile and easier. Shop now at Rehab Store and grab amazing offers from the top-selling manufacturers such as Patterson Medical, Fabrication Enterprises, Complete Medical Supplies, Inc, Essential Medical, etc.