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What is a Bed Rail?

Bed rails, also known as bed assist rails or bed safety rails, are metal or plastic devices attached to or along the side of a bed. Bed safety rails are designed to provide stability to adults with difficulty getting into or out of bed or changing positions while in bed. Bed rails for adults serve three important purposes:

  • Prevent from falling off the bed
  • Assist in getting in and out of bed
  • Help in repositioning while in bed

The primary purpose of bed rails for seniors is to provide fall protection so that users can sleep safely and securely. Bed railing is used in many different settings, including homes, nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and assisted living facilities. Bed rails for adults are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Rehab Store offers a huge collection of bed safety aids like full-length bed rails, half-length bed rails, bed wedges, bed handles, bed poles, etc. for the weak, elderly and infirm.

Why use Bed Safety Rails?

Bed rail is a safety and mobility aids that helps in following ways:

  1. Fall prevention: Some people are at risk of rolling out of bed at night. The bed rail acts as a safety barrier and prevents the risk of falls and injuries. Usually, half-length or full-length bed rails are used for fall prevention. Drive Standard Telescoping Full Length Side Rail fits most hospital or home care beds to help prevent the user from falling out of the bed.
  2. Safe transfers: People with physical disabilities or limited strength often require assistance getting in and out of bed. For such people, a bed safety rail or bed assist rail provides needed support and comfort to get into and out of bed without depending on others. BedCane Bed Rail is perfect for those looking for independence yet needing assistance with transfers in and out of bed.
  3. Positioning in Bed: The adult bed rails are extremely beneficial for individuals with limited mobility who need something to hold onto while turning and repositioning in bed. Side rails provide additional support to make these movements easier and less stressful. HealthCraft Fixed Bed Assista-Rail is ideal for in-bed movements.
  4. Easy access: Some safety bed rails are equipped with pouches to store personal items and accessories. People with reduced mobility find these bed rails with organizer pouches useful for easy access to frequently used things like glasses, books, medicines, tv remotes, etc., without getting out of bed. Stander 30 Inches Safety Bed Rail helps keep handy items close by.
  5. Security and comfort: Bed safety rails provide a sense of security and comfort both to the user and caregiver. Seniors and those with physical limitations feel safer and more secure at night, knowing they will not fall, and their families can sleep peacefully knowing their loved ones are safe.

How to use Bed Rails for Adults?/span>

The bed guard rail is designed to reduce the risk of falls and provide safety and security to the person using them. Although bed rails are not suitable for everyone, they can be effective when used with the right bed and in the right way. People with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or who are cognitively impaired from taking certain medications are at risk of entrapment and falls when using bed safety rails.

Conditions such as lack of muscle control, restlessness, and confusion can also put users at higher risk of injuries. For such people, bed wedges and bed rail pads can provide extra cushioning and prevent entrapment in bed rails. Additionally, proper monitoring and supervision are necessary to safeguard such patients.

Safety tips when using Rails for Bed/span>

  • The safety bed rail is suitable for the bed and the mattress.
  • Ensure that the patient uses the bed guard rail for the intended purposes.
  • Bed safety rails should never be used as restraints for those with Alzheimer’s or other conditions that may cause wandering.
  • Bed rails can create a risk of entrapment. It is essential to take steps to mitigate this risk, such as ensuring the mattress fits snugly between the rails, leaving no gap and the bed rail stays tightly pressed against the bed.
  • The bed rail is secure, correctly fitted, regularly inspected, and maintained
  • Constant monitoring is required if the bed safety rails are used by people with an altered mental status, a physical limitation, or other medical conditions who are prone to falls or becoming trapped.

Things to consider before buying Bed Rails for Seniors

1. Weight capacity pan

When buying a bed safety rail, ensure that the bed rail can accommodate the weight of the user and does not break.

2. Bed type 

Not every bed rail work with every style of bed. Some bed safety rails work with box spring beds, and some work best when used with larger mattresses. The type and size of the mattresses and the bed height will be considered to determine the suitable bed rail.

3. Dimensions

A full-length bed rail provides the highest protection and is ideal for someone who tends to roll out of bed. For someone with better mobility, a half-length bed rail may work well because it provides more room for the user to maneuver over the edge of the bed and use the rail to get in and out of bed.

4. Adjustability

Bed safety rails have either a fixed height or an adjustable height. Some bed rails feature length adjustability. When buying bed rails for adults, consider the adjustability factor too.

5. Caregiver availability

Some safety bed rails cannot be raised or lowered without another person’s assistance. Some models of bed rails can be operated without assistance if the user has the strength and coordination to do so. Before buying, take into consideration who will be operating the bed safety rails.

Where to buy Bed Rails for Adults?

Choose from a range of adult bed rails available at the Rehab Store that ensure safe and secure sitting, standing, and transfers from beds for those with reduced mobility and strength. We supply strong, durable, high-quality bed rails from top-selling manufacturers like Healthcraft Products, Skil Care, Standers, etc., at affordable prices. Shop today for the safety and comfort of your loved ones and be at peace.

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