Bariatric Shower Commode Chairs

Bariatric shower commode chairs are a hybrid between bariatric commode chairs and bariatric shower chairs. They allow a person to use the shower and the commode using the same bathroom safety aid. It combines the need of having to ensure safety in both the places and eliminates the need to buy two separate products. These heavy duty shower commode chairs have a wide frame and hefty built. They are wheeled aids that allow the patient to move from the shower area to the commode easily. The backrest is comfortable and is wider than standard shower commode chairs. They are also available in recliner options so that a person can shower easily comfortably.

At Rehab store, we offer a great range of suitable bariatric shower commode chairs from top selling brands such as MJM, Healthline, Provider, etc.

Features of Bariatric Shower Commode Chairs

  • Combines the qualities of shower chairs and commode chairs
  • Wider and stronger frame
  • Comfortable seating
  • Supportive backrest
  • Has recliner options
  • Wheels enable swift movement around the bathroom