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Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints of the body. Though it is common to all age groups, arthritis is common among women, especially the elderly. The symptoms of arthritis include swelling, stiffness, pain, and reduced range of motion in joints. Depending on the gender and age of a person, the symptoms can come and go in interval and can be severe or mild. Increase in the symptoms of arthritis can hamper daily activities.

Types of Arthritis

Depending on the region it has affected and the symptoms, there are three major types of arthritis that have varied treatment and management methods:


The most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis causes the protective cartilage of joint to erode which hampers the movement of the affected joint. This eventually results in the bones rubbing against each other directly, eroding each other and causing chronic pain. The level of pain can vary from person to person and the rate and level to which the joint has been damaged.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic arthritis is a rare condition where the immune system attacks the healthy blood cells and tissues in your body, resulting in pain and inflammation. This affects the joints in the form of arthritis, enthesitis by affecting the connective tissue and psoriasis by affecting the skin.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis arises when autoimmune disorders like RA affect the immune system forcing it to attack healthy cells and tissues. The immune system damages the synovium (lining of the joints) causing arthritis. High inflammation causes the synovium to break down over time causing permanent damage and damaging the bone and the joint.

Treatment for Arthritis

Arthritis can be treated or managed in three different ways:
  • Therapy –One of the most commonly used treatments, therapy helps treat as well as rehabilitate the symptoms of arthritis. Several therapies such as hot and cold therapy, compression therapy, exercise therapy, electrotherapy, etc. can be used to manage arthritis.
  • Medications – A wide variety of medications are available based on the type of arthritis that affects you. These medications help in alleviating pain & reducing inflammation by enhancing the strength of the joints.
  • Surgery – Surgery is usually the last options for any kind of condition, when all other treatment methods are in vain. An individual should always consider non-invasive treatment options at first, and if you choose to go for a surgical treatment then consult your doctor or health care provider before taking this choice further.

Rehabilitation of Arthritis

If arthritis has caused permanent damage to the joints of a person then controlling further complication is the only option for an individual. One can take several steps to protect the bone and joint function and mobility by rehabilitating the condition.
  • Weight Management – Excess weight of the body can stress the joints, causing pain and discomfort to the joint affected by arthritis. One should maintain a healthy weight that enhances overall bone health, reducing the discomfort of arthritis.
  • Orthopedic Splints - Splints help immobilize joints and prevent any injuries that are caused by sudden contact or injuries. Orthopedic splints prevent the degeneration of joints, preventing injuries to muscles. Structured with durable and comfortable material, these splints efficiently rehabilitate a joint affected by arthritis.
  • Hot and Cold Therapy - Hot and cold therapy is designed to reduce inflammation. Reaching deep down into the muscles temperature therapy enhances blood circulation. Appropriate supply of blood to a specific part of the body reduces inflammation and allows for a greater alleviation of pain in that region.
  • Knee Braces – Knees are the most commonly affected joint in cases of arthritis, and so knee supports or knee braces can immobilize the affected knee providing gentle compression until the pain subsides. Supporting the knee in different ways, knee braces reduce stress strain that impacts the knee.
  • Topical Analgesics - Topical pain relief treatments like gels, lotions, and creams are also recommended to reduce pain and inflammation in an instant. They penetrate easily and accurately into the skin and work on the muscles in an instant, alleviating pain and relieving discomfort.

Arthritis Aids

There are several aids for arthritis one can use to reduce the difficulty of executing actions that might become difficult due to arthritis:
  • Dining AidsAdaptive dining aids help enhance the experience of dining for arthritis patients by reducing the need for bending their hands continuously. Dining aids for arthritis include bendable utensils, comfort grip utensils, rocker knives, cutting boards, adaptive bowls and dishes, weighted utensils and dishes, etc.
  • Drinking Aids Adaptive drinking aids enable a person to drink liquids without the risk of spilling liquids or causing other mishaps. Drinking aids for arthritis include adaptive mugs, weighted cups and mugs, nosey cups, maddak cups, etc.
  • Dressing Aids – Dressing aids for arthritis help deal with various steps of dressing that involve dexterous tasks like pulling, rolling, buttoning, etc. Adaptive dressing aids include dressing sticks, reachers, button aids, sock aids, shoe horns, easy tying laces, etc.
  • Writing Aids – Writing aids for arthritis ease and enhance painful movement one has to make while writing. Adaptive writing aids include gliders, pen grips, writing instruments, etc. can assist a person while writing and also reduce the discomfort.
  • Household Aids – Household aids for arthritis are specially designed for people suffering from arthritis who usually face difficulty in executing daily activities in the house. Adaptive household aids include gripping tools, bottle openers, daily care kits, bath safety kits, adaptive holder, scissors, etc.

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