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What is the use of Arm Elevation?

After surgery or any injury, swelling, pain, and edema in the hands and arms are very common. The swelling causes pain and stiffness and affects a person's ability to perform daily activities. To get an effective solution, the Arm Elevation Supports comfortably position the arms and hands in an elevated position with minimal restraint. It elevates the user's weakened arms and helps reduce pain and edema. The arm cradles are made of soft foam that offers a comfortable feel to the user, and elevating the arm above the heart level helps decrease swelling and edema. At Rehab Store, you can get high-quality arm elevation pillows from top-selling brands and can easily manage swelling by elevating the swollen limb.

Features of Arm Elevation Support

  • The soft foam of the arm supports allows the arm to rest in a comfortable and stable position
  • Provides minimal restraint to the limb
  • Helps prevent tissue breakdown and nerve damage
  • Reliable alternative support for positioning and supporting the arm following surgery or treatment
  • Helps in reducing pain and swelling in the hand or arm

How to use Arm Support for Hand Elevation?

  1. Firstly elevate your arm above your heart.
  2. Lie flat on your back with your hand resting on the arm elevation pillow.
  3. Elevate your hand for at least three days after surgery.

FAQs About Arm Elevation Supports

1. How to keep the arm elevated while sleeping?

To keep the arm elevated in the sleeping position, lie down on your back, and elevate your affected arm on Arm Elevator like ProCare Arm Elevation Pillow as it provides comfortable, effective support with minimal restraint.

2. How long should you keep your hand elevated after surgery?

It is recommended to keep your hand elevated above the level of your heart for 3-5 days. While sitting in a chair or lying in bed, place your arm on the arm cradles to keep it elevated.

3. Why do you elevate the arm above your heart?

Elevating the arm or hand above the level of your heart will help minimize swelling by allowing fluid to drain away from the area.

Where to buy Arm Elevation Pillow Online?

Arm Cradles are used as a support system for arms post-surgery. They help reduce swelling and place the arm in an optimal healing position. At Rehab Store, you will get a wide range of arm supports that help in the comfortable positioning of the full length of the patient's arms and hands. We bring you the best and high-quality arm elevation pillows from top-selling manufacturers like Geneva Healthcare, Patterson Medical, OPTP, and more.

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