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what are arch supports?

A flat foot condition is where the feet have very little to no arch. Flat feet cause pain and discomfort while standing or walking. All babies are born with flat feet. Arches develop in the early childhood. But for some people it does not develop or collapse later (fallen arches). Foot support orthotic insoles are designed to support flat feet and reduce pain and stiffness in the feet.

They provide upward compression to the arch and support to the plantar fascia giving long-lasting relief and comfort. Relieve soreness and discomfort in the arch and heel region with our arch supports. At Rehab Store you will find best insoles for flat feet from top manufacturers including Vive Health, Vasyli Medical, Silipos, Profoot Inc, and many more.

Benefits of arch support for flat feet

Arch support insoles are shoe inserts placed inside your shoes in order to support the arch of the foot. It helps in reducing or even eliminating pain. Arch Supports place the feet in the ideal position and correct alignment of your body. Here are some other benefits of arch support insoles for the body:

Who needs arch supports?

Arch Supports are advised to people with the following foot conditions:

Buying guide for insoles for flat feet

A combination of leg stretching and strengthening exercises along with orthotic shoe inserts can help in alleviating pain in the feet, knees, hips and back. People with flat feet are often confused about how much support they need to wear inside their shoes. Also should they get hard structured insoles or soft, cushy shoe insoles to support low arches and flat feet?

While making the selection keep in mind that harder orthotic insoles provide better support as compared to soft and flat, floppy gel or foam insoles. They aid in heel stabilization and help with pronation control too. This is why arch supports for flat feet are designed to have firm, durable support that promotes healthy, energetic feet.

To select the best insole for flat feet begin with identifying the type of flat feet you have:

1. Rigid flat feet

Rigid flat feet are when the feet appear flat when you stand on and off them. In this case the arch of the feet is absent. To check that stand on your foot and see the position. It should be flat. Now shift the weight to another foot such that your foot is in unweighted position and check the arch. If it is still flat you have rigid flat feet. In this case it is advisable to choose arch supports for flat feet that have a low arch height.

2. Flexible Flat Feet

These feet appear flat when you stand on them and show and arch in the unweighted position. In this case if you shift your weight to another knee you will see an arch. An arch support for flat feet that have a medium arch height is more preferable in this case.

Where to buy best insoles for flat feet online?

Rehab-Store offers a wide selection of heel and foot care products, including, arch support orthotics for flat feet support from top selling brands including Gel-Fit, Aircast , Rolyan and many more. We also have arch sleeves, arch pads, plantar fasciitis sleeve, Metatarsal Pads etc. for addressing other foot problems as well. Shop now and earn reward dollars at every purchase.

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