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Pool exercise equipment helps to restore the functional ability of those with physical impairments. Water exercise equipment aids to reduce muscle tension and increases joint mobility during physical therapy and rehabilitation in an aquatic environment.  We bring exciting tools for physical therapy in water for aquatic fitness like swim bars and belts, kickrollers, float systems, ankle cuffs, rafts and mats to keep you stay fit during hot sunny weather. At Rehab Store, we have different types of flotation belts which suspend the body in the water for an effective workout.

Pool Workout Equipment Benefits

  • Water aerobics equipment used for hydrotherapy like pool exercise, physical therapy, aquatic bodywork, occupational therapy, aquatic rehabilitation, and hydro kinesiotherapy.
  • Workout equipment for pool is ideal for the treatment of weak or injured muscles and for skill development in neurological and neuromuscular impairment applications and recovery from recent surgeries.
  • Pool exercise weights help to accelerate blood efficiently through the body’s arteries and veins reducing inflammation, swelling and edema. 
  • Pool workout equipment is good for cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness and heart health as aquafit equipment helps blood circulation to the heart..
  • People with joint conditions, such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or rheumatoid arthritis who perform water-based exercises using aquatic fitness equipment get significant improvement their ailment, pain, and functional capacity compared to land-based activities.
  • Using aquatic exercise equipment in hydrotherapy improves mobility, coordination, balance, postural alignment, and range of motion. Aquafit equipment for therapy increases muscular strength and maintains muscular flexibility.
  • Using pool exercise equipment during water exercise relaxes your body, mind, and soul, boosts your mental health, reduces anxiety and stress, increases concentration, helps with insomnia and sleep issues and relieves depression.
  • Aquafit equipment improves flexibility, endurance, and strength of muscles with the buoyancy of water, also provide support for your ligaments and tendons and decreases the risk of muscle wear and tear or tendonitis while exercising.

Where to buy Pool Exercise Equipment?

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