Norco, brand of North Coast Medical manufactures mobility, rehab, home aids and support systems. HPFY Stores bring you complete range of products from Norco at affordable prices.

Different types of Norco products

Norco D-Ring Wrist Orthosis

The Norco D-Ring Wrist Orthosis is used to treat wrist strains, sprains, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. The comfortable, cotton/polyester fabric blend allows full dexterity of the fingers and thumb yet limits wrist motion. Enlarged thumb hole allows full thumb use, even if swollen. The metal volar stay can be removed and adjusted for an optimal fit. The double layer of sewn cotton stockinette helps cushion the strap closure. The D-ring straps allow quick and easy application and tension control. Machine wash and air dry. Latex-free.

Hot/Cold therapy wraps

The combination of hot/cold packs and wraps are ideal for safe, effective, long-lasting hot or cold therapy. Each wrap contains one or more Economy Hot/Cold Packs. The wraps are made of soft, 1/16" (1.6mm) hook-compatible foam material on one side and nylon mesh on the other side.

Multi-use Electrodes

These solid gel electrodes demonstrate exceptional conformity while maintaining superior conductive capabilities. Features dual-layer adhesive gel. Latex free. Each flexible pigtail contains 1,000 strands of stainless steel, which is placed precisely against the conductive material. This high-performance electrode is backed by cloth or foam.

Norco Shoulder Pulley

The Norco Shoulder Pulley is effective for home use to improve shoulder range of motion and coordination following injury or surgery. It is ideal for slow, passive stretching of the shoulder in all planes. The Norco Shoulder Pulley sets up in minutes for use while seated, standing or lying down.

Norco Exercise Bands and Tubing

North Coast Exercise Bands and Tubing are processed using a rigorous 6 step cleaning and coating to remove virtually all of the powder residue that latex allergens typically adhere to. Using the Elisa Inhibition Assay Test, North Coast Band and Tubing has been found to have less than 0.2mg/g of antigenic latex protein as compared to other band and tubing products that can be as much as 64.8mg/g. The result is a cleaner feeling band with superior elasticity.

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