Cando is a brand of Fabrication Enterprises. CanDo exercise products have been used by physical therapists, athletic trainers and the general public since the 1980s. Many of you who have received therapy after an injury have probably used a CanDo exercise product during your rehabilitation. The product line includes exercisers for strength and rehabilitation, balance and coordination, and flexibility.

Popular CanDo Products

CanDo exercise bands

the most widely used CanDo exerciser in the therapy setting. It incorporates the same color code as Thera-Band and is desirable as a high-quality, low-cost alternative. There are many complementary accessories, including: handle, storage rack and exercise station.

CanDo exercise tubing

the same great stretch characteristic as CanDo band. Resistance tubing is more popular amongst athletic trainers. Available in bulk or pre-cut.

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