Vitaflo TYR Express15 Protein Substitute Powder

Vitaflo TYR Express15 Protein Substitute Powder

Brand/Manufacturer: VITAFLO

Vitaflo TYR Express 15 Protein Drink is an unflavored, powdered tyrosine and phenylalanine-free protein substitute. It contains essential and non-essential amino acids, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is for use in the dietary management of Tyrosinemia from 3 years of age.

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  • Vitaflo TYR Express 15 Protein Substitute Powder can be used individually or interchanged to meet individual protein requirements
  • Daily protein requirement is given as TYR express
  • Additional protein is provided from exchanges of natural protein, to provide tyrosine and phenylalanine in controlled amounts, which is essential for growth and development
  • Foods high in carbohydrate and fat, but low in protein, should be provided to supply the remainder of the energy
  • Important notice:
    - Must only be given to patients with proven Tyrosinemia under strict medical supervision
    - Suitable from 3 years of age
    - Diet must be supplemented with natural protein, water and other nutrients in prescribed quantities to supply tyrosine, phenylalanine, uid and general requirements
    - Not for use as a sole source of nutrition
    - Not for intravenous use

More Information

  • Dosage and Administration:
    - To be determined by the clinician or dietitian and is dependent on the age, body weight and medical condition of the patient.
    - Each 25g packet of TYR express15 provides 15g of protein equivalent.
  • Preparation guidelines:
    - Empty the contents of the packet, plus a FlavourPac packet if desired, into the beaker
    - Add approximately 80 €“ 100ml of cold water or other permitted beverages. Secure lid and shake well for 10 seconds.
    - Drink immediately.
    - Ideally, the product should be freshly prepared and used immediately. Any unused portions should be refrigerated and used within 24 hours. Re-shake before use.
    - Water or permitted drinks should be taken after the express.
  • Storage:
    - Store in a cool, dry place.
    - Ideally sachets should be used immediately after opening.
    - Any unused powder in an open sachet should be kept in an airtight container or sealed with a clipper and used within 24 hours.
    - TYR express packets are designed for single use.
  • Shelf life:
    - 18 months

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