Vitaflo EAA Tropical Flavored Powder Supplement For Dietary Management

Vitaflo EAA Tropical Flavored Powder Supplement For Dietary Management

Brand/Manufacturer: VITAFLO

Vitaflo EAA Tropical Flavored Powder Supplement contains essential amino acids, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is for use in the dietary management of disorders of urea cycle disorders and other disorders of protein metabolism where essential amino acids are required.

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54906 12.5gm, Sachet 50/Pack $10.17
54906 12.5gm, Sachet 50/Pack, 4Pk/Case $49.46


  • Vitaflo EAA Tropical Flavored Powder Supplement For Dietary Management is suitable from 3 years of age
  • Balanced mixture of essential amino acids
  • Contains sugar and sweetener
  • 1 packet contains 5gm protein equivalent
  • Low calorie and low volume
  • Convenient and great tasting
  • Shelf life: 18 months

More Information

  • Dosage and Administration:
    - Dosage is to be determined by the clinician or dietitian and is dependent on age, body weight and medical condition
  • Preparation: Use as directed by the clinician or dietitian
    - Empty the contents of the sachet into the measured bottle
    - Add cold water to make the final volume to 100ml
    - Secure the lid and shake well before drinking
    - Drink immediately
  • Precautions:
    - Must only be used under strict medical supervision
    - Not recommended for children under 3 years of age
    - Not for use as a sole source of nutrition
    - Not for intravenous use
    - For enteral use only
  • Storage:
    - Store in a cool, dry place
    - Packets are designed for single use and should be used once opened
    - Once open use within 24 hours.


NutrientsPer 100gPer 12.5g sachet
Energy (KCal)28836
Protein equivalent (gm)405
Total amino acids (gm)486
Carbohydrate (gm)31.84
Sugar (gm)243
Fat (gm)0.10.0


Vitamin A (µg)2030254
Vitamin A (IU)6760846
Vitamin D (µg)25.13.2
Vitamin D (IU)1004128
Vitamin E (mg)31.23.9
Vitamin E (IU)465.8
Vitamin C (mg)21827.2
Vitamin K (µg)20325.4
Thiamine (mg)4.10.5
Riboflavin (mg)4.60.6
Niacin (mg)50.86.4
Vitamin B6 (mg)5.80.8
Folic acid  (µg)812102
Vitamin B12 (µg)9.41.2
Biotin (µg)37747.2
Pantothenic acid (mg)162.0


Sodium (mg)151.9
Sodium (mmol)0.60.08
Potassium (mg)486
Potassium (mmol)1.20.2
Choride (mg)0.00.0
Calcium (mg)2326291
Phosphorus (mg)2265283
Magnesium (mg)837105

Trace Elements

Iron (mg)43.55.5
Copper (mg)4.40.55
Zinc (mg)43.55.5
Manganese (mg)6.40.8
Iodine (µg)50863.5
Molybdenum (µg)29036.5
Selenium (µg)17422
Chromium (µg)17422

Amino Acids

L-Cystine (gm)1.80.25
L-Histidine (gm)1.80.25
L-Isoleucine (gm)5.70.70
L-Leucine (gm)9.81.25
L-Lysine (gm)6.60.85
L-Methionine (gm)1.80.25
L-Phenylalanine (gm)3.40.40
L-Threonine (gm)4.10.50
L-Tryptophan (gm)1.30.15
L-Tyrosine (gm)4.70.60
L-Valine (gm)7.20.90
L-Carnitine (mg)13017

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