Universal Fiber Optic MicroLED 4000 LED Illuminator

Universal Fiber Optic MicroLED 4000 LED Illuminator

Universal Fiber Optic MicroLED 4000 LED Illuminator is an advanced RF remote control which features a multi-color touch wheel allowing the user to instantly switch to almost any color imaginable. It also features DMX master/slave synchronization and the ability to control more than one unit with the same remote control. The fully controllable Master version of the Illuminator, It offers a Slave version which can be daisy-chained, via DMX cables, to Master units and will follow the same commands.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
MicroLED4000 MicroLED 4000 LED Illuminator With Remote Each

Features of MicroLED 4000 2W/5W LED RGBW Illuminator

  • Universal Fiber Optic MicroLED 4000 Illuminator is a powerful and efficient fiber optic illuminator powered by LED technology
  • Suitable for use in multiple applications including
    • Sensory harnesses and systems
    • Color change downlight systems
    • Color change sparkle ceiling
    • Fiber optic side glow illumination

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  • These devices include visual inputs for small children to look at or toys for older children to play with and respond to.
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What to buy with MicroLED 4000 LED Illuminator

How to use UFO MicroLED 4000 LED Illuminator?

How to operate remote control?

No. Description Function
1 Button Power on
2 Button Power off
3 Color Ring Touch control all colors (white not available)
4 Indicator Indicates controller active when buttons pressed
5 Button Increase color cycle speed
6 Button Increase brightness
7 Button Decrease brightness
8 Button Decrease color cycle speed
9 Button [Mode +] Step up through color cycle programmes
10 Button [Mode ­] Step down through color cycle programmes




Remote Range Walk Test

  • Once the Illuminator is fully installed carry out a complete range walk test and record the range in the table below.
  • This information is essential for maintenance purposes to determine if the range/sensitivity is reducing and also to record dead areas within the remote control units range due to RF obstructions and/or RF interference.

Standalone operation using inbuilt buttons

  • To disable the remote and revert to manual operation press one of the buttons on the rear of the Illuminator.
  • The Illuminator will now respond to manual commands from the 2 control buttons as described below.
  • The Illuminator has 2 color cycles, each with 3 different speed settings, the colors are detailed in the table below:
    Cycle Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 6 Color 7
    1 White Red Orange Jade Green Cyan Blue
    2 Red Red Orange Jade Green Cyan Blue
  • The Illuminator is controlled using the 2 push buttons on the rear of the unit.
  • The lower button stops and starts the color cycle.
  • The upper button is used to select the cycle speed as follows:
    • Push the upper button repeatedly until the color white is displayed. The Illuminator is now in Cycle 1 Speed A as detailed in the table below.
    • Each push reduces the speed. On the third push, the color red will be displayed.
    • The Illuminator is now in Cycle 2 Speed A.
    Cycle Speed A - Fastest Speed B - Slower Speed C - Slowest
    1 (White Start) Push once Push once Push once
    2 (Red Start) Push once Push once Push once
  • At any time the cycle can be stopped on a color and started again using the lower push button.
  • To disable manual operation and revert to remote control operation, recycle the power to the Illuminator.
  • The remote control unit may need to be matched to the Illuminator.

MicroLED 4000 LED RGBW Illuminator Specifications

Specifications Values
Port Connector 30mm (1.2") diameter
Fiber Type Glass / PMMA
Supply voltage 110-240 VAC, 47-63Hz, 0.58A
Power Supply External 12V DC, 2A, 24W max.
Power Consumption 2-5W in color cycle mode
LED Lifespan 50,000 hours in ambient 25°C
Control / Effects Remote control or manual color change
Enclosure material / color ABS, black, white or silver
Dimensions (L)137mm (5.4") x (W)114mm (4.49") x (H)73mm(2.87")
Weight 389g (0.86lb)

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