TruTone Plus Electrolarynx Speech Aid With Micro-USB Charger

TruTone Plus Electrolarynx Speech Aid With Micro-USB Charger

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TruTone Plus Electrolarynx Speech Aid With Micro-USB Charger is a handheld electronic device that helps patients with speech difficulties speak better so they can be heard in normal conversation. This speech aid allows for better overall vocal tone, quality, and sound as the person continues to speak through the device. The electrolarynx acts as a voice prosthesis or voice amplifier.

What does TruTone Plus Electrolarynx Includes?

  • TruTone Plus Electrolarynx
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Oral Adapter
  • Oral Straws
  • Instructional Book
  • Adjustment Screwdriver


Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
K120 Speech Aid Each $36.15

TruTone Plus Electrolarynx with Micro-USB Charger Features

  • Lightweight and durable device
  • Helps patients with speech problems
  • Increases voice volume for patients
  • Allows speaker to be heard normally
  • Offers a better overall vocal tone
  • Increases voice range of the speaker
  • Micro USB plug-in for quick charging
  • 9-volt battery for a longer life span
  • Light indicator shows low battery and full charge
  • Designed with high-capacity, rechargeable 9V battery operation
  • Features single, a pressure-sensitive button for natural expression
  • Easy to use and is held up at the neck underneath the chin or on the cheek
  • High-quality speech aid for natural expression with a wide range of frequencies for voicing
  • Using its pressure-sensitive button, the user can add female and masculine intonation with pitch adjustment

What to buy with TruTone Plus Electrolarynx Speech Aid

How to Install Trutone Electrolarynx Speech Aid?

  • Place the sound-head against your neck and activate.
  • Speak as sound is carried into your mouth.
  • Ensure an airtight seal on your neck and try different positions. (Use the oral adapter if your neck is tender or there is too much buzzing)
  • Insert oral straw into top of oral cap.
  • Place oral cap over sound-head.
  • Place oral straw in mouth.
  • Activate and speak around the oral straw.


2 year limited warranty

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