Thomashilfen Thevosiis Mini Therapy Chair

Thomashilfen Thevosiis Mini Therapy Chair


Thomashilfen Thevosiis Mini Therapy Chair is ideally suited for use in kindergarten. It provides early intervention to children in order to get used to self employed sitting very early and correcting malposotion. The autonomy is encouraged by the free arm and foot area. The small, firm iliac crest support, which offers little contact surface only, promotes active seating. Adjustable ball-shaped impulse generators assist orientation via the back and aid the straightening and centering process. The contact to the floor is ensured to initiate the straightening of the child in line with their body axis. The seat block provides for the abduction of the legs.

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8301 Mini Chair Each


  • Thomashilfen Thevosiis Mini Therapy Chair includes
    - Seat
    - Back
    - Base frame
    - Front Lockable Wheels
    - Impulse Generators
  • Provides a stable base, body perception, body center focus, sensory input and initation of proper seating and positioning
  • Children are made accustomed to independent sitting very early
  • Malpositions can be better corrected at young age
  • Handbrake which can be operated by the children themselves provides for an independent change of the position during therapeutic situations and in school on one hand
  • Brake - The lever can be mounted on either left or right side of the base frame.
  • The detachable handbrake guarantees a reliable blocking of the therapeutic seat
  • Seat
    - The firm seat block provides a maximum of sensory stimulation to the user
    - The long seat surface serves to facilitate forward placement of the arms (stabilization, creating symmetry, regulating tone), in addition, interim changes to spinal cord strain can be accomplished by supporting the arms on the seat block
    - The long seat surface serves to facilitate forward placement of the arms
    - The seat block sets the physiological body posture
    - The sloped seat surface at the rear end of the seat block area tilts the pelvis slightly, so the spine can be straightened
    - Height adjustment of the seat by gas pressure spring
    - Ergonomic seat block design
  • Back
    - The small, firm iliac crest support with low body contact serves for stabilization
    - The iliac crest support is individually adjustable to the user in height and depth
    - The punctiform impulse generators communicate orientation via the position of the back and at the same time have a stimulating effect on the body straightening and orientation process. The height and depth can be adjusted to the individual need of the user
    - The push bar provides good conditions for the chair to be pushed by an assistant, even over longer distances
  • Base frame
    - The base frame guarantees good rolling functionality and a lot of leg room which, if applicable, offers sufficient freedom of movement during the initiation of a contra lateral gait pattern (alternately setting down the feet) from a seated position
    - The therapy chair is tilt resistant when standing solid on plane ground
    - The user can also use the bar as a handle for transfer and movement
  • Areas of application:
    - Cerebral Apraxia
    - Cognitive processing deficiencies/ ADD
    - Tonus dysregulation deficiencies
  • Click Here For user Manual

More Information

  • Purpose and use
    - Provides a stable and centered sitting position for the user. It gives a minimum of support in order to induce an active holding task
    - The floor contact of the feet, the firm seat surface, and the back rest give clear perception information and a sensible orientation. The user finds their body center and leads their arms and hands towards this center
    - Application studies made with children and adult users showed an improved hand-hand and eye-hand-coordination, and to some extent improved mouth closing and swallowing results. These abilities provide a vital edge in different areas, e.g. at home, in institutions or at home
    - The users appear more awake and significantly more involved in their environment and situation. The constant impulses, which lead to an upright sitting posture awaken pride and strengthen their self-esteem
  • Basic requirements for the use
    - The user must have a minimum of support capacity in the legs
    - The user must have a minimum of trunk control which is activated by a corresponding stimulant (e.g. compensating movements, forward support of the arms) and can be changed towards normosone
  • Safety checks and maintenance intervals
    - We recommend adjusting the ThevoSiiS growths settings at least every 3 months to best fit the use
    - If necessary, let your therapist help. Check all control elements and fastening screws monthly
  • Safety instructions
    - Please check for proper operation immediately after receipt of ThevoSiiS therapy chair
    - Make sure with the help of a doctor or therapist that the product is suitable for the user
    - Please make sure to re-tighten the screws after each adjustment
    Caution: Wet wheels may affect the braking action. Apply the brake when stopping or during transfer to prevent inadvertent rolling
    - Do not exceed the maximum size and weight capacity of ThevoSiiS therapy chair
    - On uneven ground and on overcoming thresholds there is a risk for ThevoSiiS therapy chair to tip over
    - Never leave the user unattended to minimize the risk of injuries
    - Please keep packaging material away from children to avoid the risk of choking
    - Only one child or adult user at a time is allowed to use ThevoSiiS therapy chair
    - When lifting the chair, make sure to hold it at tightly welded or tightly screwed competent parts only
    - High solar radiation may lead to high surface temperatures on the dark upholstery material
    - Be careful not to harm yourself when adjusting the height and depth of the iliac crest support or the impulse generators
  • Positioning recommendation
    - The feet must always have firm contact with the floor and, in addition, be in a symmetrical position
    - Height adjustment – in order to accomplish the correct positioning of the knee and hip joints. The height of the seat has to be adjusted so the user has floor contact with their feet. In practice, a knee angle and hip angle above 90° has proven itself and achieved good body straightening results
    - Adjusting the body straightening and orientation impulse using the small, firm iliac crest support. It is positioned at the lower iliac crest – often in direct contact with this region. This iliac crest element can be adjusted individually in height and depth, as described in the brochure
    - Positioning the punctiform impulse generators: Each user reacts to individual stimulation points located between the lower part of the thoracic spine and below the shoulder blades. The impulse generators must be adjusted at height level of these points to initiate straightening of the trunk upon contact with the impulse generators. 
  • Assembly
    - The holes above the back wheels are closed using the cover caps enclosed
  • Adjustment options
    - The special needs of the user require an individual adjustment of the ThevoSiiS therapy chair. Therefore, you should adjust the ThevoSiiS therapy chair consulting your doctor or therapist, until the best possible straightening of the user is reached
    Seat height
    - Pull the lever on the right underneath the seat block upwards to individually adjust the height.
    - When the desired height is reached, release the lever. Additionally, the gas spring can be adjusted by another 10 cm / 3.9" using an Allen key
    - This facilitates overcoming e.g. high thresholds. To prevent a twisting of the seat the hexagon socket screw needs to be tightened on all modells at any time
    Tip: To remove the seat, loosen both screws
  • Height adjustment
    - To adjust the seat height, please loosen the clamp lever and the Allen head screw on the tube retainer
    - As soon as the required height is set, please tighten the screws back up
    Hint: By lifting the clamp lever, it can easily be moved in the desired position
    - ThevoSiiS M features a foot brake as standard
    - To activate the brake, simply press the tread forwards with the foot
    - To release the break, move the tread backwards. The foot brake can only be used on the right side
    - In addition, there is the option to fit a hand brake on the left in order to provide the child with their own braking facility
    Hint: The foot brake can also be ordered as accessory for the other models
    Iliac crest support
    - To adjust the height of the iliac crest support, loosen the hand screw and re-tighten after adjustment
    Depth adjustment of the Iliac crest support
    - The depth of the iliac crest support can be adjusted underneath the seat
    - Loosen the hand screws and individually adjust the depth
    - Afterwards re-tighten the hand screws again
    Impulse generators
    - To adjust the impulse generators, loosen the Allen screws and adjust the desired height by either pulling the impulse generators upwards or pushing them downwards
    - Afterwards re-tighten the screws
    Depth adjustment of the impulse generator
    - Loosen the Allen head screw with an Allen key
    - Position the impulse generators at correct height and re-tighten the screws
    Hint: The depth adjustable impulse generators can also be ordered as accessory for the other models
  • Cleaning and care instructions
    - The base frame of ThevoSiiS therapy chair is manufactured from high-quality steel and aluminum tubing, which can be cleaned using commercially available nontoxic soap (neutral soap)
    - The seat upholstery can be wiped with a soft, if necessary, damp cloth


Seat height12.6" - 15.7"
Seat width5.9"
Impulse generators height adjustment10.8"
Impulse generators depth adjustment1.4"
Iliac crest support height adjustment3.1"
Iliac crest support depth adjustment1.4"
Overall dimensions21.3" x 19.7" x 26.8"
Wheel size3.9"
Wheel distance front20.9"
Wheel distance rear21.3"
Max. weight capacity49 lbs
Body sizeMaximum 49.2"

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