TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System

TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System

Brand/Manufacturer: THERATOGS INC

TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System features a customizable body hug that improves trunk alignment and stabilizes the core for those critical infant growth months. It is designed to help very young clients by increasing sensory input while improving core stability. Like all TheraTogs systems, the Wunzi can support therapy goals both during and between therapy sessions providing essential carry-over. It is a comfortable, foam-lined, Velcro‚®-sensitive garment and strapping system that grips the skin.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
81613546 XX-Small Each
81613553 X-Small Each
81613561 Small Each
81613579 Medium Each
81613587 Large Each
81613595 Wunzi Limb Kit Size Small Each
81613603 Wunzi Limb Kit Size Large Each


  • TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi System features a composite fabric that is elasticized with a stretch bias that favors good postural alignment, just the thing for a growing baby
  • The Wunzi and the limb kit includes grip-lined elastic straps that operate like external muscles and ligaments to improve functioning body and proximal joint alignment in order to optimize motor development
  • Ease of Use
    - The elegant over-the-diaper design goes on in seconds. Closure tabs are embedded right onto the garments no loose tabs to keep track of
  • Familiar Design = Improved Compliance
    - Inspired by the standard infant onesie‚ clothing, the Wunzi offers caregivers and clinicians a simpler alternative to the two garment TheraTogs system
  • Three Systems in One
    - The Wunzi Infant System consists of the core-strengthening Wunzi garment set, plus size-appropriate limb cuffs and straps. Its a complete infant-sized alternative that combines the benefits of three systems - the Posture & Torso Alignment system, Full Body system, and Lower Extremity system into one easy-to-use package
  • Wunzi Limb Kit features:
    - The Wunzi Limb Kit includes grip-lined elastic straps that operate like external muscles and ligaments to improve functioning body and proximal joint alignment in order to optimize motor development
    - If ordering a new Wunzi system for the first time, we suggest ordering a limb kit
    - Add the Wunzi Limb Kit to address any of the indications previously supported by TheraTogs Upper or Lower Extremity strapping applications
  • Use the Wunzi to:
    - Increase sensory awareness and information
    - Train functioning trunk muscles in shorter state to improve postural alignment and control
    - Limit excessive trunk motions
    - Improve functioning alignment of hips and/or shoulders
    - Gently stabilize one or both scapulae
    - Improve respiration
  • Indications:
    - Hypotonia
    - Diplegic or Hemiplegic
    - Cerebral Palsy
    - Torticollis
    - Athetosis
    - Cerebellar Ataxia
    - Obstetrical Brachial Plexus Injury (OBPI)
    - Developmental Delay

More Information

  • Measurements for selecting Wunzi size:
    Length = Torso Length (in centimeters). Measure down from C-7 (the bib bone at the bottom of the neck) over the diaper and up to the child;s navel. Be careful to wrap the tape gently under the diaper
    - Waist Size = Belly Girth (in centimeters). Measure the child;s belly circumference at the navel.
  • Babies build trunk and neck control and strength before they gain functional skills. Trunk control problems that occur in infancy typically lead to long-term developmental deficits in limb use and movement. Postural control acquisition is a necessary component of early intervention.





Torso Length

Belly Girth


0 - 3 Months

7 - 12 lbs

40 cm

40 cm


3 - 6 Months

12 - 17 lbs

50 cm

44 cm


6 - 12 Months

17 - 18 lbs

55 cm

46 cm


12 - 18 Months

18 - 21 lbs

60 cm

50 cm


18 - 24 Months

21 - 26 lbs

68 cm

54 cm

Limb Kit, Small

0 -12 Months

1 to 18 lbs

Limb Kit, Large

12 – 24 Months

18 to 26 lbs


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